Storm’s Review of Pea Green Boat Magazine

A short while ago a magazine by the name of Pea Green Boat published their first edition called Uncanny featuring an interview with Tanith Lee (an author with Immanion Press). Storm’s review of this magazine is below as well as a download to the issue featuring the interview. 

Had a look at the online science fiction magazine Pea Green Boat: Uncanny, mainly because it has a (very good) interview with Tanith Lee in it. Tanith’s interview concerns in particular her novels that have embraced the concept of the Uncanny Valley – The Silver Metal Lover, Metallic Love and The Electric Forest.

PGS is an amazingly good quality publication. I was particularly impressed by the sheer amount of material, all of high standard.  This issue (Uncanny) focuses upon the aforementioned Uncanny Valley, which is summed up by a contributor to the short You Tube movie ‘The Uncanny Valley: HUNGRY BEAST’ as ‘the gap between seeing and believing’. It also concerns how we react to simulated humanity, and how this really takes us into the realm of the Uncanny, where not all is comfortable. Here’s a link to the film:

Definitely worth a watch, and extremely informative before you actually read the magazine!

PGS’s Uncanny issue explores this concept in depth, with oodles of fascinating snippets of information. Highly recommended.

PGB: Uncanny (Vernal-Equinox-2012)


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