Storm Constantines Bibliography

An updated list of all published works by Storm Constantine including all Out of Print books.


The Enchantments of Flesh and Spirit

1987 Macdonald h/b. 1988 Futura p/b. 1990 TOR p/b USA. 1996 Heyne p/b Germany as Der Zauber von Fleisch und Geist.

2003 Immanion Press p/b (Revised Edition)

2007 Immanion Press p/b (3rd edition)

 The Bewitchments of Love and Hate: 1988 Macdonald h/b. 1988 Futura p/b. 1990 TOR p/b USA. 1996 Heyne p/b Germany as Im Bann von Liebe und Hass.

2003 Immanion Press p/b(Revised Edition)

2007 Immanion Press, p/b (3rd edition)

The Fulfilments of Fate and Desire

(1989 Drunken Dragon Press h/b. 1989 Orbit p/b. 1991 TOR p/b USA. 1996 Heyne p/bGermanyas Die Erfullung von Schicksal und Begehren.

2003 Immanion Press p/b (Revised Edition))

2007 Immanion Press p/b (3rd edition)

The Monstrous Regiment

1990 Orbit t/p/b. 1991 Orbit p/b

2011, Immanion Press, p/b 2nd edition (revised and re-edited)


1991 Headline h/b, t/p/b. 1991 Headline p/b. 1993 Heyne p/b Germany. 2004 p/b Immanion Press)


1991 Orbit t/p/b

2012, (forthcoming) Immanion Press, p/b (revised edition)

Burying the Shadow

1992 Headline h/b, t/p/b; 1992 Headline p/b; 1995 Heyne p/b Germany as ‘Schattengraber’; 2001, L’Oxymore, France as (in two editions of two volumes each, h/b and p/b); 2002, Meisha Merlin, US t/p/b

2009 Immanion Press, p/b (re-edited)

Sign for the Sacred: Out of Print

1993 Headline h/b, t/p/b. 1993 Headline p/b; 2002 Stark House, USA, tpb


Omnibus: The Enchantments of Flesh and Spirit, Bewitchments of Love and Hate, Fulfilments of Fate and Desire, 1993 TOR t/p/b

The Wraeththu Chronicles

Omnibus of the revised and expanded: The Enchantments of Flesh and Spirit, Bewitchments of Love and Hate, Fulfilments of Fate and Desire, 2005, Immanion Press p/b

Calenture: Out of Print

1994 Headline h/b. 1994 Headline p/b; 2001, Stark HousePress,US, tp/b

Stalking Tender Prey

1995 p/b Creed/Signet; 1998 p/b Meisha Merlin, USA; 2007 p/b Immanion Press UK

Scenting Hallowed Blood

1996 p/b Signet; 1999 p/b Meisha Merlin, USA; 2007 p/b Immanion Press, UK

Stealing Sacred Fire

1997 p/b Signet; 2001 p/b Meisha Merlin, USA; 2008 p/b Immanion Press, UK

Thin Air

1999, Warner t/p/b; 2000 Warner p/b; 2010 p/b Immanion Press

The Thorn Boy: Out of Print

1999, novella, p/b, Eidolon Press, Australia

Sea Dragon Heir (book one of the Magravandias Chronicles): Out of Print

(1999, h/b GollanczUK; 2000,TOR,USA, h/b; 2000 p/b GollanczUK)

The Crown of Silence (book two of the Magravandias Chronicles): Out of Print

2000, Gollancz h/b UK; 2001, TOR, h/b, p/b USA)


With Michael Moorcock

2000, Simon and Schuster, h/b, UK, 2001, p/b, UK; 2005 Pyr, USA, h/b

The Way of Light (book three of the Magravandias Chronicles): Out of Print

2001, Gollancz, h/b UK; 2002 TOR, USA, h/b & p/b

The Wraiths of Will and Pleasure (The First Book of the Wraeththu Histories)

2003,TOR,US h/b; 2004, TOR, US, p/b; 2004 Immanion Press (UK Edition)

The Shades of Time and Memory (The Second Book of the Wraeththu Histories)

2004,TOR,US h/b; 2005 TOR, US, p/b; 2004 Immanion Press (UK Edition)

The Ghosts of Blood and Innocence (The Third Book of the Wraeththu Histories)

2005,TOR,US h/b; 2006 TOR, US, p/b; 2005 Immanion Press (UK Edition)

The Hienama (A novel of the Sulh) Wraeththu Mythos

2005 h/b, Immanion Press; 2008 p/b Immanion Press, UK

Student of Kyme (A novel of the Sulh) Wraeththu Mythos

2008, p/b, Immanion Press, UK



Three Heralds of the Storm: Out of Print

(1997 short story chapbok, 3 stories,Meisha-Merlin,USA, 1997)

The Oracle Lips: Out of Print

(1999 short story collection, 23 short stories, 1 poem, h/c Stark Press, USA, h/b)

The Thorn Boy and Other Dreams of Dark Desire: Out of Print

(Original novella, revised, plus short stories set in the world of the Magravandias trilogy)

2002, p/b Stark House Press USA

Mythanima (short stories)

2006 p/b Immanion Press, UK

Mythophidia (short stories)

2008 p/b Immanion Press, UK

Mythangelus (Short stories)

2009, p/b, Immanion Press, UK

The Thorn Boy and other Tales of Dark Desire

2010, p/b Immanion Press UK (revised edition of the Stark House edition with two additional stories)


Mytholumina (short stories)

2010, p/b, Immanion Press, UK

Mythanimus (short stories)

2011, p/b, Immanion Press, UK

Wraeththu Mythos Titles

Novels, novellas and short story collections set in the world of Wraeththu, edited by Storm Constantine.

Breeding Discontent

Wendy Darling & Bridgette Parker

2003, p/b, Immanion Press, UK

Terzah’s Sons

Victoria Copus

2005, p/b, Immanion Press, UK

Paragenesis: Stories of the Dawn of Wraeththu

Edited by Storm Constantine and Wendy Darling

Contributors: Brad Carpenter (Introduction), Christopher Coyle, Andy Bigwood, Suzanne Gabriel, Maria Luise Pachali, Maria J Leel, Kristi Lee, Gwyn Harper, Fiona Lane, Wendy Darling, Storm Constantine

2010, p/b, Immanion Press, UK


Song of the Sulh

Maria F Leel

2012 (forthcoming), p/b, Immanion Press, UK

Para Imminence: Stories of the Future of Wraeththu

Edited by Storm Constantine and Wendy Darling

Contributors to be confirmed.

2012, (forthcoming), p/b, Immanion Press, UK

Non Fiction

The Inward Revolution: Out of Print

(with Deborah Benstead)

Esoteric psychology, (1998 Warner,UK)

Bast and Sekhmet: Eyes of Ra

(With Eloise Coquio)

The history and magic of the feline deities of Ancient Egypt. (1999 Robert Hale, h/b, UK, 2006 Robert Hale p/b)

Egyptian Birth Signs

(with Graham S Phillips, although S Constantine sole author on cover)

The Egyptian zodiac, with personality analysis, etc. (Thorsons, 2002, pb,UK)

Grimoire Dehara: Kaimana

A system of pop culture magic/self evolution based upon The Wraeththu Mythos’

2004, h/b Immanion Press, UK; 2011, p/b Immanion Press, UK

Sekhem Heka: A Natural Healing and Self Development System

2008, p/b, Immanion Press, UK

 *Out of Print Fiction has been incorporated into anthologies published through Immanion Press

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Author Taylor Ellwood mentioned on Patheos

Article written by  P. Sufenas Virius Lupus, Populating Polytheist Pantheons explores the concept of ‘new gods’ making an appearance in a pantheon. The article is available for reading at Patheos. Taylor was mentioned on page two in reference to the creation of pop culture entities as expressed in his book Pop Culture Magick available at Immanion Press.

The Pea Green Boat Interviews Tanith Lee

A brand new e-zine has been launched. The Pea Green Boat is a unique magazine focusing on creative themes of “self-expression, self actualization, and personal epiphanies”*. According to the posts on The Pea Green Boat the first issue:

“Uncannytakes readers on a strange trip through the Uncanny Valley — from its superstitious Freudian beginning into CGI, post-humanism, and beyond. The uncanny valley concept was introduced in 1970 by robotics professor Masahiro Mori who observed that when human replicas look and act almost — but not perfectly — like actual human beings, people have a negative response. Initially a person observing a robot or similar object reacts positively, but as the robot become more life-life, the response dips (the “valley”) into revulsion.”

Mini-Review by Larisa Hunter, Publicity Rep: I have to say I found the magazine very interesting! Reading books like I, Robot and similar does make you contemplate the question of artificial intelligence. The interview with Tanith was well done, I think Tanith fans will be happy with it. Another little item worth mentioning is the art and the use of poetry. Overall this magazine is well put together and I hope they do more.

Check it out, give it a read and see what you think!

Downloadable Uncanny Vally (vernal Equinox 2012)  Issue Here

*excerpt from:

Nick Marsh Appearing @ Uk Games Expo

For all you fans out there. Nick Marsh author of: Past Tense and Soul Purpose will be making an appearance at the UK Games Expo on Saturday, May 26th at 1:00pm. Nick will be taking part in a panel discussion for the following:

Pathways to Publication. A panel of authors who  have experience of the world of publishing including Mainstream, Independent Publishing and self publishing and the new world of e-book publishing discuss the routes to getting your book in print. If you are a budding author and would like to find out about how to get started come along and ask your questions. The authors will discuss their approaches to writing, publishing via a publisher or independently and the opportunities that Kindle and other ebooks present to authors. They will also talk about their own books and give short readings.

Rumours have it that Nick may in fact read excerpts from his book..if your in Birmingham in May, stop by and say hi to Nick