The Pea Green Boat Interviews Tanith Lee

A brand new e-zine has been launched. The Pea Green Boat is a unique magazine focusing on creative themes of “self-expression, self actualization, and personal epiphanies”*. According to the posts on The Pea Green Boat the first issue:

“Uncannytakes readers on a strange trip through the Uncanny Valley — from its superstitious Freudian beginning into CGI, post-humanism, and beyond. The uncanny valley concept was introduced in 1970 by robotics professor Masahiro Mori who observed that when human replicas look and act almost — but not perfectly — like actual human beings, people have a negative response. Initially a person observing a robot or similar object reacts positively, but as the robot become more life-life, the response dips (the “valley”) into revulsion.”

Mini-Review by Larisa Hunter, Publicity Rep: I have to say I found the magazine very interesting! Reading books like I, Robot and similar does make you contemplate the question of artificial intelligence. The interview with Tanith was well done, I think Tanith fans will be happy with it. Another little item worth mentioning is the art and the use of poetry. Overall this magazine is well put together and I hope they do more.

Check it out, give it a read and see what you think!

Downloadable Uncanny Vally (vernal Equinox 2012)  Issue Here

*excerpt from: