Welcome to The Blog of Immanion Press & Megalithica Books

The purpose this blog is to showcase our authors by displaying articles, downloadable e-books and short stories written by them as well as share resources for fellow authors. We hope to encourage, inspire and create a forum for literary arts through sharing our tips, tricks and resources with you.

Our publishing house specializes in: the original, the quirky, the strange. As an independent house we promote literary arts by publishing titles that are written by those who are passionate about the subjects they write . Our catalogue features both Fiction and Non-Fiction in a variety of genres.

Our roster includes award-winning fiction authors Tanith Lee, long time writer and creator of the Wraeththu series Storm Constantine as well as non-fiction authors Taylor Ellwood a long time practitioner and experimental esoteric occultist as well as founding voices of the Celtic Reconstructionist Pagan movement Erynn Rowan Laurie just to name a few…..