Tanith Lee’s Kill the Dead now Available

Immanion Press has now published Tanith Lee’s much-loved ‘Kill the Dead’
on Kindle. Both a fantasy novel and a ghost story, ‘Kill the Dead’
follows the fortunes – and misfortunes – of ghost-slayer Parl Dro and
his search for the mythical town of the deadalive, Ghyste Mortua.
Pursued by a mysterious and feckless musician who assists on
accompanying him, and the vengeful ghost of Ciddey, who wishes to
destroy Dro for ‘killing’ the ghost of her sister, Dro doggedly pursues
his goal to astonishing revelations.

We will also be publishing Ms Lee’s ‘Flat Earth’ series in E-book in the
near future – ‘Night’s Master’, ‘Death’s Master’, ‘Delusion’s Master’
and ‘Delirium’s Mistress’.

Tanith Lee will receive a life-long achievement award at this year’s
World Fantasycon in Brighton, Oct 31-Nov 3. To celebrate this, Immanion
Press and Ms Lee have produced a very special and very limited numbered
edition of a story collection called ‘Animate Objects’, which includes 4
previously unpublished pieces. This book has been created specifically
to be sold at the convention and is a small print run. There might be
copies left over for mail orders after the convention, but we cannot
promise this. Any interested customers, please mail
orders(at)immanion-press.com to reserve a copy, should any remain
available. The book will be £32.99 plus shipping.