Reiki Subversives Manual now Available

The Reiki Subversives Manual

The Reiki Subversives Manual introduces a radical new approach to energy healing. The author encourages practitioners to become Reiki warriors and urban healers, and to explore Reiki in a whole new light. This book includes previously unseen Reiki techniques and methods, through which Hernesson demonstrates how you can use Reiki to heal yourself, your community and the Earth – and how you don’t even have to be attuned to Reiki to accomplish this. While many of these techniques can be employed by practitioners of any energy healing system, the book includes a basic method for using Earth energy, as well as a process to connect to Reiki, so you can begin urban healing yourself.

This exciting new book on Reiki covers:

Reiki self-defence

The Ripple Effect: healing methods for you, your community, and our Earth

Healing with the power of the Earth

Reiki activism: healing your environment

Urban Reiki subterfuge: ‘street washing’ and the ‘Reiki blast’

First ‘energy’ aid

A wide array of new Reiki attunements – including ‘one touch’, ‘breath’, ‘singing’ and ‘holding’

New spiritual technique: ‘The Reiki Darshan’

Love, the heart centre and e-gasms

The Reiki Subversive’s Manual offers revolutionary new techniques that can aid you to heal our world for the good of all.

The Reiki Subversive’s Manual is now available.

Spirit Relations by Bill Duvendack is now available for Pre-Order

Spirit Relations

Spirit Relations by Bill Duvendack

Spirit Relations, Bill Duvendack’s latest book is now available for pre-order. The book will be published April 12th.

Are you looking for a book that teaches you mediumship, rather than merely sharing an individual’s stories of their own work? Are you tired of the dogma that is erroneously attached to this unique skill? Do you want a book with exercises to help you develop your psychic abilities in a more hands-on fashion? Look no further, because all this and more is covered in Spirit Relations. Written by a professional medium, this book not only covers channeling, but also discusses the energetic body of a person, and what to expect when you begin to interact with spirits on a regular basis. Bill Duvendack brings a grounded and practical approach to channeling, sharing details that often get overlooked. You will find exercises to help you assess what psychic skills you might already possess and which may need further development. There is also an easy to follow template for your early mediumship work, and a frequently-asked-question session to assist you during your work.

“I have long wished for a clear and sensible introduction to interacting with spirits. Spirit Relations: Your User-Friendly Guide to the Spirit World, Mediumship and Energy is just that book.”

–Brandy Williams, author of ‘Women’s Voices in Magic’

“Both enjoyable and informative, it is an essential reading for anyone seeking a solid introduction to the nature of spirits, the art of spirit conjuring, and interactions with the astral world.”

-Asenath Mason, artist, author


Rituals of the Light Within by Elizabeth Anderton Fox

Rituals of the light Within

Rituals of the Light Within

Rituals of the Light Within by Elizabeth Anderton Fox is now available

Rituals of the Light Within is a collection of writings by Elizabeth Anderton Fox, who has had wide experience in the Rosicrucian, Masonic and Western Mystery Traditions, and is a supervisor for the coursework of the ‘Servants of the Light’ school. The rituals in this book were written between 1982 and 2015, and were primarily designed for use by small and large groups in workshop settings. By publishing them in book form, the author hopes they will prove useful to others, as well as being interesting reading material for anyone drawn to the subject.

The rituals are based upon a wide range of spiritual and esoteric teachings, and contain elements of the Kabbalah as used in Western Mystery teachings. They incorporate aspects of astrology, science, alchemy and astronomy. Above all, they are a reflection of the author’s spiritual journey, based on her personal experiences of the Light which shines within each and every one of us.

Introducing the Pagan Children’s Series of Books

Pagan Children series

What is an Altar?

It’s with great pleasure that Immanion Press announces the first book, What is an Altar?, in our Children’s books for Pagans.

Rowan Moss has written the book What is An Altar? and T.S. Lamb has illustrated the book. It’s a perfect way to introduce your children to Paganism and What is an Altar? is now available for pre-order.

What is an Altar? is a companion-reader book for children and parents, exploring the basics—what an altar is and how one can be created and utilized.

Whimsical illustrations and purposefully upbeat and simple language will delight the eye and open communication.

Each book in the Pagan Children Learning Series is a beginner’s introduction that allows room for discussion of your family’s own beliefs in every lesson!

Nothing but a Pack of Cards is now Available!

Nothing but a pack of cards

Nothing But a Pack of Cards by S. Rune Emerson

We’re excited to announce that Nothing But a Pack of Cards by S. Rune Emerson is now available.

In this handbook on the practice of sorcery using tarot cards, S. Rune Emerson utilizes the Rider Waite-Smith tradition of tarot art to teach the myriad practices of the Art Magical.

Included in this book are:

A modern look at sorcery through the eyes of the Rider Waite-Smith tarot cards and their derivatives, including laws and fundamentals of magic, and how magic actually works.

An explanation of the twelve categories of commonly cast spells, the six kinds of magical initiation and quickening, and the four great tenets of a sorcerer’s philosophy, all encoded within the Major Arcana.

Methods and ritual practices which help you employ the basic principles of sorcery, and learn how to become a sorcerer.

A series of spells and techniques crafted from the study of the Pip and Court cards, as well as appendices on group work and ritual tokens.

And more!

Any magician, whether long-experienced or just beginning, will find unique and useful information in these pages. If you want to learn how to use that tarot deck for more than just card games and fortune telling, this book is for you.

Why we think its important to publish controversial topics


In both our non-fiction and fiction lines up we publish books that address controversial social issues. The reason we publish these book is because we feel its important to address these issues head-on. We don’t want to bury our heads in the sand and we think our readers also don’t want to bury their heads in the sand. I’ve been told, on occasion, that someone is surprised we’d publish a book a given topic and my response to that is: “Why wouldn’t we publish that book?” Reading a book, any book, should challenge a person to think, and to act. It should make you uncomfortable or do something that prompts you to want to make a change in the world.

We love controversial topics because such topics get people talking. And speaking only for myself, I want people to talk. I want them to do more than talk, but talking is a good first step and that won’t happen if we aren’t willing to bring up the social issues that are uncomfortable, but are that uncomfortable precisely because we don’t face and acknowledge them for what they are.

Controversial topics are topics that some people want to ignore or pretend don’t exist. Not us! And not our readers! We know those topics exist and we want to bring them out into the light where they can be seen for what they are. We aren’t scared of those topics and in fact we think that by publishing them, our readers will be inspired to examine those issues as they show up in their own lives, while also giving the authors the chance to speak up and be heard. We want our authors to be heard. We want them to speak up, not just in the book, but on their blogs, in workshops and wherever they go because what they are saying NEEDS to be heard. And as publishers we support their need to be heard and want to encourage them in whatever way we can.

Controversy makes a book stand out. You might love it or hate it, but you have a response to it, and that’s a good thing because it means the book moved you. A book doesn’t really become a book until the reader responds to it…then the book has performed its function. Controversial topics move people and that’s what we want. We want our books to mean to something. We want our authors to feel like they have said something which has struck a chord with their readers and gotten something to happen.

We publish controversial topics because other publishers won’t do it. I have yet to see other publishers publish books on some of the topics we’ve published. Perhaps they will eventually, but we’d rather be at the forefront, helping much needed conversations come about now, rather than catching up later. By doing so we’re helping authors speak out and get heard and helping readers learn more about the issues that need to be addressed now.