August Newsletter

August 2012

a recap of all the important news and book releases from Immanion Press & Megalithica Books!

News from the Blog: This Month, Dear Storm provides advice, tips and tricks in her new article titled: Making your Writing Live

Larisa Hunter explores the benefits of extended time in editing and proof reading in her article titled: The Long and Winding Road

Did you know that Immanion Press is now posting events of interest? Check it out here you never know when one of your favorite authors might be making a special apperance!

New Releases in Fiction & Non-Fiction: There are no releases for August. Please check the Coming Soon area for future titles!

Exciting News: 

  • Storm Constantine is wrapping up Para Imminence. We hope to provide the release date as soon as possible!
  • The book contest will be happening again soon! Now that all the kinks have been worked out, it should be a lot smoother! We will be posting more details closer to the date!
Coming Soon
Non Fiction:
  • Manifesting Divinity by Lisa Spiral Besnett
  • Embracing Heathenry by Larisa Hunter

  • Owl Stretching by K. A. Laity
  • Para Imminence by Storm Constantine

July Newsletter

An Announcement

To enter, contestants will have to complete a series of tasks and questions relating to the book, author or Immanion Press! The contest will run for one week at which time a winner will be chosen at random! Good Luck 🙂 The contest officially starts July 1st, 2012. Full details about the contest (including prize details) and how to enter can be viewed here

News from the Blog
New Article from Storm Constantine. This time in Dear Storm, we take a peek into the self publishing market in an article entitled:

Self Publishing: the Pitfalls and the Promise

An Interview with Neil Robinson by Larisa Hunter

An Article from new author Lisa Spiral Besnett: Parting Ways 

Newsletter for May 2012

Welcome to our Fan Newsletter

Our newsletter will feature a ‘recap’ of news from the blog as well as details about ‘forthcoming’ articles as well as book releases. We hope you enjoy, and thanks for subscribing!

This year has seen a flurry of activity now that we have a much better way of producing news for our fans. Not only do we have an amazing publicity blog we also are posting on Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites! We hope to share more with our fans as time allows.

News from ‘The Blog”

  • Writer and CEO Storm Constantine will be providing some articles on writing in our new column titled Dear Storm. To find out more about these articles visit this READ MORE
  • Looking for information on author biographies, check out the new biographies category for a list of updated (in print/out of print) titles from authors of Immanion Press and Megalithica Books READ MORE
  • We have added a ‘author appearance’ category to advertise where authors will be appearing as well as details of the events and location
FEATURE ARTICLE for May: Storms Interview with Tanith Lee READ MORE

Coming Soon!!Maria J Leel’s Wraeththu Mythos novel, ‘Song of the Sulh’ and Tanith Lee’s next title, ‘Ivoria’


Liber Ursi: Caballistic Planetary Rituals From Temple of the Eternal Light by Author(s): Karen DePolito and Jerome Birnbaum 

A Circle of Stones: Journeys and Meditations for Modern Celts by Erynn Rowan Laurie 

Killing Violets: Gods’ Dogs by Tanith Lee
Aleph by Storm Constantine
Monday Luck by Neil Robinson