Victor Anderson: An Amercian Shaman now available for pre-order

Victor Anderson: An American Shaman

Victor Anderson An American Shaman

Victor Anderson: An American Shaman is now available for pre-order.

A remarkable book about a remarkable subject, with some significant editorial commentary that clarifies many aspects. – R. J. Stewart, Author of

‘Advanced Magical Arts’

In 1999, Victor Anderson, the founder of the American Witchcraft Feri Tradition, started a project with his long-time student and friend Cornelia Benavidez. At first, she didn’t know that he was placing in her hands his last words to the world and especially to the initiates of the Feri Tradition, to be released when he felt his teachings would be the most needed. Now is that time.
From the 1960s onwards, Victor Anderson revolutionized paganism. As Elder, Teacher and Grandmaster of the Feri Tradition, he trained some of the most influential voices in modern paganism and was respected worldwide. Calling his tradition authentic, ancient and sex positive, Victor and his wife Cora challenged all sides of religious and pagan persuasions, shocking many into examining their racial and sexual prejudices and bias. They called for people to educate themselves by any means possible, to examine history and culture, to better understand themselves and the divine quest of which we all are a part. Though on one hand Victor’s path grew straight from the soil of indigenous culture and traditional magical craft, he also passionately championed the sciences. Victor was also an accomplished poet and his book, “Thorns of the Blood Rose” was considered a classic when it was published in 1970. As with so many visionaries, Victor was ahead of his time. Though often considered controversial during his lifetime, through the interviews in this book he clarifies mistakes and rumors concerning his history and the Feri Tradition. The book also includes an intriguing essay on Victor’s introduction to the craft, by writer and artist Sara Star, and the intensive research done by genealogist William Wallworth on Victor’s family.

Spirit Relations by Bill Duvendack is now available for Pre-Order

Spirit Relations

Spirit Relations by Bill Duvendack

Spirit Relations, Bill Duvendack’s latest book is now available for pre-order. The book will be published April 12th.

Are you looking for a book that teaches you mediumship, rather than merely sharing an individual’s stories of their own work? Are you tired of the dogma that is erroneously attached to this unique skill? Do you want a book with exercises to help you develop your psychic abilities in a more hands-on fashion? Look no further, because all this and more is covered in Spirit Relations. Written by a professional medium, this book not only covers channeling, but also discusses the energetic body of a person, and what to expect when you begin to interact with spirits on a regular basis. Bill Duvendack brings a grounded and practical approach to channeling, sharing details that often get overlooked. You will find exercises to help you assess what psychic skills you might already possess and which may need further development. There is also an easy to follow template for your early mediumship work, and a frequently-asked-question session to assist you during your work.

“I have long wished for a clear and sensible introduction to interacting with spirits. Spirit Relations: Your User-Friendly Guide to the Spirit World, Mediumship and Energy is just that book.”

–Brandy Williams, author of ‘Women’s Voices in Magic’

“Both enjoyable and informative, it is an essential reading for anyone seeking a solid introduction to the nature of spirits, the art of spirit conjuring, and interactions with the astral world.”

-Asenath Mason, artist, author


Rituals of the Light Within by Elizabeth Anderton Fox

Rituals of the light Within

Rituals of the Light Within

Rituals of the Light Within by Elizabeth Anderton Fox is now available

Rituals of the Light Within is a collection of writings by Elizabeth Anderton Fox, who has had wide experience in the Rosicrucian, Masonic and Western Mystery Traditions, and is a supervisor for the coursework of the ‘Servants of the Light’ school. The rituals in this book were written between 1982 and 2015, and were primarily designed for use by small and large groups in workshop settings. By publishing them in book form, the author hopes they will prove useful to others, as well as being interesting reading material for anyone drawn to the subject.

The rituals are based upon a wide range of spiritual and esoteric teachings, and contain elements of the Kabbalah as used in Western Mystery teachings. They incorporate aspects of astrology, science, alchemy and astronomy. Above all, they are a reflection of the author’s spiritual journey, based on her personal experiences of the Light which shines within each and every one of us.

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The Pagan Leadership Anthology is now Available!

Pagan Leadership Anthology

Pagan Leadership Anthology

We’re pleased to announce that the Pagan Leadership Anthology edited by Shauna Aura Knight and Taylor Ellwood is now available!

The words “Pagan Leadership” are often met with scorn and tales of failed groups and so-called Witch Wars. And yet, as our communities grow and mature, we find ourselves in dire need of healthy, ethical leaders. Most Pagans have seen what doesn’t work. But what does? This anthology features over thirty authors, thirty essays, and decades of leadership experience sharing their failures and successes as leaders as wel¬l as showing you how you can become a better Pagan leader.

• Why personal work will help you become a better leader

• How to become a better communicator

• When to deal with predators in the community

• How to resolve conflicts peacefully

• Why you need bylaws when you build a group

• And much, much more!

Pagan communities are evolving. To be an effective leader you need to know how to take care of your group and yourself. In this anthology you will get tools and techniques that work and help you become a better leader as well as enrich the overlapping Pagan communities.

Para Kindred Blog Hop – Day 7

Welcome to day 7 of the Immanion Press blog hop for the new Wraeththu anthology, Para Kindred. Every day until 25th June the PK authors will be posting a blog post about their story in the collection. Read every contribution to the blog hop, answer all the secret questions about the posts, and you will be entered into a prize draw to win an item from the New section of our Café Press store.

Authors who don’t have blogs of their own will have their articles posted here. Today’s featured author is Daniela Ritter. The secret question is at the bottom of this post, along with details of previous contributors’ questions.

Maria’s question: Where was Chenga’s servant Dolah planning to escape to?

Earl’s question: Who do the spirit wolves watch over, according to legend.

Storm’s question: What can Cherrah do in the mountains that ordinary hara cannot?

Nerine’s question: What birds fly past Taym’s window as he’s staying in the garret?

Wendy’s question: What is the name of her alter-ego?

Fiona’s question: What colour did Kethoak turn when he mused on the fundamentally linear nature of time?

Daniela’s question: What was the name of the first har who arrived after Sapphire and Julee had founded Serenity?


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By Daniela Ritter


I am the phylarch of Serenity. I didn’t really chose to become that. It rather happened on its own.

In the beginning, Sapphire and I were alone. We had a lot of work to do. The village we had chosen as our home was lovely, but not in very good condition. Years, if not decades, of negligence due to the absence of the former inhabitants had taken their toll on the houses.

No day passed without Sapphire complaining extensively about what we found inside the dwellings: Heaps of dust, insect nests, rusted cans of what could have served as a good meal, roofs far from being intact and thus a large variety of fungi on the moist walls, or depressing remains of long deceased pets, still in their cages.

Sapphire did not seem to be comfortable. More than once I asked him if he would like to leave the village, which just made him mumble unintelligibly. Soon I figured that his rambling was only his way to deal with the depression the old houses tried to force on us.

The aura of death around them was unnerving. We found a total of six human bodies, all dressed and lying in beds or sitting in armchairs, as if they once had gone to a sleep they had not waken up from any more.

I admit that I threw up the moment we found the first one. The stench was not that bad, but I had never seen a dead body before. I had taken Sapphire for dead when I first saw him, though. But he had been a beautiful corpse. The humans we found were already beyond recognition.

Sapphire insisted on getting them out of the village at once, and of course I agreed. We couldn’t leave them where we found them, could we? The houses were to be occupied again.

So we piled them on an old handcart and brought them beyond the border Sapphire had drawn. There we burned them and gave them what we thought was a proper burial. Without knowing the dead and not being priests we did what we could to appease their spirits, so that they might not haunt us.


As he had promised, Sapphire had learned to build a magical barrier around the village to keep us from harm. Serenity was guarded by a huge invisible dome of energy. It covered the whole valley. When an outsider reached the border, it appeared to him that there was no valley at all, but an unfriendly looking plane, covered by sharp stone needles, slippery rocks and other obstacles which made it an uncomfortable road to chose. If the stranger wanted to try his luck anyway, he suddenly changed his mind when he touched the barrier and went away, forgetting about what he had seen.

The dome blocked everyhar’s way – as long as he was not expected or in need of help – but animals and rain passed through it as if it didn’t exist.

From the inside you could not see it was there. So it looked rather funny when you found strangers standing outside, gazing worriedly at the illusion of a dangerous plane, but at the same time staring right through you, not being able to perceive your presence. The dome concealed our auras as well as it hid any visual information about Serenity.

Sapphire and I both knew exactly where the energy met the ground because we renewed the magic patterns regularly. The easiest and most powerful way to do this was by performing a grissecon. I’m not as powerful as my chesnari is, but he always leads the ritual and guides me, and I became an efficient supporter.

Before we learnt how to do that however, we had to stand at the borders for hours, holding our hands up against the barrier and channelling agmara. Both methods are effective, but grissecon is more efficient. And more fun, to be honest.


Arynn was the first who found us. Sapphire was sleeping off his blood loss at the time, so I was not expecting to meet anyone around the village.

In the afternoon I was collecting firewood. The autumn air was warm and the birds were singing. I was at peace with myself and the world.

Searching for fallen twigs and branches as a first start, I roamed between the trees. That’s where I found him. Huddled beneath a heap of fallen leaves, I discovered a sleeping har. Eyeing him curiously, I ventured towards him.

The rustling sound of my steps woke him. After blinking sleepily for a few times, he finally noticed me and jumped on his feet, alarmed. Scared but decisive, he reached for a small branch on the ground and pointed it into my direction. “Go away! Leave me alone!” he barked.

Looking down at my bundle of branches, I smiled. I had more sticks than he did.

“There’s no need to be afraid, Tiahaar.” I glanced up, and as I had expected, I found him startled. My appearance confused him. “Yes, I’m har, too. And whatever is wrong with you, you are welcome here. This is the village Serenity, a refugee camp for failed inceptions.”

I had been practising that little speech in secret. Now I was proud that I could hold it without stuttering. I was very excited, but I desperately wanted to make a good impression on him.

Thinking back now, I should have been a little more vary of the complete stranger in front of me. After all, if he had wanted to attack me, Sapphire would have been left without protection in the worst case. But back then I was convinced that my chesnari’s magic worked just fine, and that the unknown har could only be needing help.

That indeed was the case. The stranger looked me up and down. “Really..? I mean, you’re… and you’re sure, that you’re…” He slowly lowered the stick, showing the first, careful trust in me.

I smiled. “Well, I did acquire a soume-lam, so…” “I didn’t” he half-whispered.

At first I frowned. Could he be human? No, not if he knew what I was talking about. I opened my arms. “So, make yourself a home here, then. We’re only three now, but I’m sure others will follow. What’s your name?”

The stick dropped onto the ground and he ventured closer. “Arynn.” He bowed, insecure if I might be a har of high rank. “You are… the phylarch, then?”

I thought about that for a moment. I actually had mused that Sapphire would be our leader, but what good is a leader who needs so much time for sleeping and recovering? Someone would need to substitute him in that time. And I guessed he would trust me doing that.

“I think so. My name is Julee har Serenity.” I returned the bow to show him that I did not consider him a lesser person. Arynn smiled.


In the evening we were already talking like old friends. It turned out that he was had found the village by following an indistinct feeling, like a pull in his chest. At that time he had been living on his own for a few months already. The subconscious call had appeared all of a sudden, when he had once again parted from a group of travelling hara. He never stayed with others for longer than a few days. Not any longer than it took him to take the occasional aruna in the dark, where nohar could see what was wrong with him.

Later I learned that nearly everyhar who arrived in Serenity told that very story. It’s a shame that the first Wraeththu, who had undergone a massive change in their physical bodies, nevertheless cast  out those who had changed differently. I often shook my head at how fast hara had set up rules of how a proper har has to look like.

Well, those unlucky ones were welcome in our little family. I did my best to welcome everyhar without being biased in any way, but I have to admit that it was not always as easy as I had imagined.

For instance, Jennah’s body fought the change fiercly during althaia. In the end the human flesh had to submit, of course, but his face remained somewhat askew. He has the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen, and the rest of his body is perfectly normal. But I admit I had to learn looking at him without wincing.

I openly admire him. He wore a mask at first, but as time went by, he learned not to be ashamed. He even lets his chesnari call him “Picasso”, as a reference to these old paintings. I like to imagine that I have been a kind of role model for hara who are ugly but happy and that I helped him with that, but I don’t want to ask.


After we had become a considerable group, I took up my training again. I have always been a good fighter, and despite of my looks I am quick, and having to carry my own weight every day makes me probably even strong than the average har.

Sapphire got to know me when I was depressed and mistook me for a weak coward. Living in Serenity and doing good work for other hara quickly returned my self confidence. I had become a leader, and as a har in charge for others I had to be able to defend myself and my family.


Those who were interested got lessons in how to disarm or hold down somehar – or, in the last resort, how to kill. In my early days as a har I have taken lives, as have most of those from the first generation. But the times in which I was proud of that have long gone. Luckily, as Sapphire’s barrier hides us well, we have never been attacked.


It is early in the evening. The sun already touches the mountains that surround the valley. Nightfall comes quickly in Serenity. Everyhar knows that. Yet a certain someone usually denies that once month.

As I expected I find Sapphire hunched in our garden, digging frantically in the earth. Although the full moon will soon rise, he does anything but prepare for his ritual. I sigh and step up to him.

“What do you think you’re doing?” I do my best to look stern, but he does not even lift his face.

“Planting flowers. Don’t you see?” he mumbles. Shaking my head, I remark: “You’re ruining them, actually.” Sapphire snorts. “Ah, screw the daisies. I got seeds for moon flowers. Lunil’s going to like them.”

My voice becomes louder now. “Sapphire, you have an appointment! Don’t make me drag you up to that pool!”

Now I have his attention. He looks up at me, then turns his head to the flag pole we have built in the middle of the village. Most hara get their water from the stream which flows down from the mountain pool that Sapphire bleeds in, so on the day before full moon we fly a large, red banner. From dusk to dawn nobody will touch the water, then. That’s enough time to allow my chesnari’s ritual and afterwards rinse out all the blood.

Today Sapphire sticks out his tongue to the banner, that dutifully announces his inner moon cycle. “Lunil can bite me. I have not finished, yet,” he decides.

Thank Lunil, he’s not always like that. But when he is, he even manages to annoy a patient har like me. At least I know he doesn’t mean to. His hormones are driving him crazy right now.

Sapphire is the kind of har who hates losing control. So although he has accepted his regular bleeding, he tends to procrastinate the inevitable. I guess he wants to prove to himself that he  makes his own rules by that.

And so I realise that I won’t get to him with words. Well, I know other methods, too. Proudly I strike a fighting pose, threatening to kick him if he doesn’t move.

Sapphire blinks. “Oh no, you wouldn’t.” “If I have to, I will” I answer calmly. He just snorts and keeps on digging, until he suddenly hangs upside down. I have grabbed him by the ankle and hold him in the air, while I patiently wait for his loud rambling to end.

A minute later, Sapphire folds his arms and pouts, trying to look superior despite of his embarrassing situation. “Fine” he finally agrees. “Okay, I’ll go. Let me down!”

I know that trick, so I insist: “You will go now. Right now.”

“Right now” he repeats somewhat quiet. Smiling, I lay him softly on the ground. Sapphire chuckles. Mood swing at its best.

“You caught me.” he admits. “I know,” I whisper softly. I kneel beside him and bent down to share breath. I taste a dark velvet night sky over a wide, nightly meadow speckled with white bonfires.

With a satisfied smile, Sapphire looks up to me. “You know, sometimes I don’t know how you can stand me.” I kiss him on the forehead. “Because I love you, silly. And besides on werewolf-days, you are wonderful.”

He really is.