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Phil Emery’s new ebook ‘Echoes Out of Abaddon: Nine Gothi Monologues’ is now available through all branches of Amazon.


An e-chapbook collection of nine gothic monologues and one bonus duologue. Includes:

‘Fourth Wall’: an actor on stage realizes the true horror of his situation…

‘Identity Crisis’: once admired by Ian McMillan on Radio Three’s arts programme ‘The Verb’, a mild-mannered accountant moonlights as a grim crusader for justice…

‘Twilight Shifts’: a robotic toll booth demands a gory fee for passage, and in its companion piece ‘After Twilight’ the urban belief tale is given an equally strange and bloody makeover…

Other ‘echoes’ include an aggrieved car owner remonstrating with Godzilla, a writer traumatized by the technological implications of the traditional rejection slip, and a young woman discovering the horrific secret behind her nightmares of past lives. And in the bonus duologue, a private eye in Downtown Postholocaust encounters some homicidal guys-in-black.

Also included is a new version of Phil Emery’s eerie Radio Four Extra monologue ‘ID’ and an introduction by the play’s producer.


Screams Out of Abaddon

By Philip Emery

Screams Out of Abaddon

‘Echoes out of Abaddon’ is an e-book due to be issued by Immanion at Halloween time. The cover of the book resembles a screaming mouth.

Yes it is mine, albeit with photoshopped dental work…

Any resemblance to Edvard Munch’s painting ‘The Scream’ is less than unintentional and entirely appropriate for a collection of gothic monologues or speeches (speech is another country, they scream differently there).

The image is particularly appropriate for one of the monologues, ‘Incarnate, which is one extended silent scream.

There are several versions of ‘Incarnate’, one of which can be found in another Immanion e-book collection ‘The Celt in the Machine’. In fact there are more versions of this story than there are of Munch’s picture, and almost as many versions as there are of my other story ‘Wednesday’s Child’, which can also be found in the same collection.

A graphic version was published in ‘Fourth Incarnation’ magazine, which took its name from the original title of the story – this by the way the first published work of pro comics artist and writer Gary Crutchley ( ) who went on to work for 2000AD and Accent UK.

Gary allows the protagonist, Jemma, to scream, or at least whimper, during the proceedings, which she doesn’t do in the short story or the monologue. Although she very much wants to. And her failure to call out is different in each. In the first, under hypnotic paralysis, at the moment she realizes the truth of her situation, as her doctor explains:

“I’m sorry. Truly sorry. Believe that if nothing else, Jemma. You understand, don’t you? I can’t allow you to -”

Tony Caglin presses the remote and the tape squeals into rewind.

“understand, don’t you? I can’t allow you to -”

Tony Caglin presses the remote and the tape squeals into rewind.

“can’t allow you to -”

presses the remote and the tape squeals into rewind.

“allow you to scream.”

presses the remote

“to scream.”

presses the remote

“to scream.”

Or does she fail? At least the writer, through Tony Caglin, allows the tape machine that’s been recording Jemma’s past lives as she relives them to voice her horror for her…

The monologue version in ‘Echoes out of Abaddon’ allows her to fail again – at least fail differently if not better:

I’m sorry. Truly sorry. Believe that if nothing else, Jemma. You understand, don’t you? I can’t allow you to –

The lights go out. Silence.

– allow you to scream…

Or does she fail? Perhaps the writer, this time, through the darkness of the stage, gives Jemma’s horror a voice…

In fact perhaps every one of the monologues in the e-book, even the comedic ones, is a silent scream. Unless of course you’d care to read them aloud…

Postscript: All punning allusions to that famous publicity soundbite for the film ‘Alien’, to a certain ‘Carry-On’ film, and to one ‘Violet-Elizabeth Bott’ have been removed out of uncharacteristic consideration for the readers’ sensibilities.

Echo of the Postscript: Gary has long since moved on to bigger and better things, so I’m now looking for another artist to collaborate with on some new comics/graphic novels. My collection of stories and verse, The Celt in the Machine, now available from Immanion, actually includes a couple of comic scripts which I’ve adapted into short stories… To make things absolutely clear, I’m not looking to commission artwork, but to make contact with an artist to work on projects to submit speculatively to publishers. My email address is



Grimoire Dehara Book 2: Ulani

Immanion Press, through its imprint Megalithica Books, is pleased to announce the publication of Grimoire Dehara Book Two: Ulani. This is the second volume of the pop culture magic system based on the mythos of Storm Constantine’s popular fantasy novels, the Wraeththu series. The focus of the system is the Dehara, androgynous deities that represent the alchemical rebis, the conjunction of male and female, spirit and matter.

The book is fully illustrated by artist Ruby, with additional illustrations by Storm Constantine. It will be available as a limited edition numbered hardback of 50 copies, a paperback and eEbook. The printed editions will contain more illustrations than the eBook.

Following on from Grimoire Dehara: Kaimana, this book explores Ulani, the second tier of the system, incorporating the levels Acantha, Pyralis and Algoma. The practitioner now accesses deeper realms of magical knowledge, utilising their creativity and imagination as a vehicle to study the self.

Grimoire Dehara: Ulani includes:

Working within etheric realms

Sikaara – the deharan version of the energy system of the body and the study of its centres

Xephelax – the deharan Underworld

The dehara of alchemy and alchemical transformation

The Constellati – beings of the cosmos

Divozenky – the mind of the earth

Creating a Spiritual Pearl

This book is an essential addition to the library of any experimental practitioners of magic interested in new systems, as well as fans of Storm’s work, who want to know more about the magic described in the novels.

The authors are available for interview through Review PDFs can also be acquired from the same address.

An online community Nayati Dehara ( has been set up for those interested in this pop culture magic system. All visitors are welcome.

Grimoire Ulani

Grimoire Ulani now Available

Nothing But a Pack of Cards – New Release

We’re pleased to announce the release of S. Rune Emerson’s new book, ‘Nothing But a Pack of Cards’.

In this handbook on the practice of sorcery using tarot cards, S. Rune Emerson utilizes the Rider Waite-Smith tradition of tarot art to teach the myriad practices of the Art Magical.

Included in this book are:

A modern look at sorcery through the eyes of the Rider Waite-Smith tarot cards and their derivatives, including laws and fundamentals of magic, and how magic actually works. An explanation of the twelve categories of commonly cast spells, the six kinds of magical initiation and quickening, and the four great tenets of a sorcerer’s philosophy, all encoded within the Major Arcana. Methods and ritual practices which help you employ the basic principles of sorcery, and learn how to become a sorcerer. A series of spells and techniques crafted from the study of the Pip and Court cards, as well as appendices on group work and ritual tokens. And more!

Any magician, whether long-experienced or just beginning, will find unique and useful information in these pages. If you want to learn how to use that tarot deck for more than just card games and fortune telling, this book is for you.

If anyone would like to review this book, please mail us for a PDF at editorial(at)immanion-press(dot)com. The author is also available for interview.

Nothing but a pack of cards

Nothing But a Pack of Cards by S. Rune Emerson


Pleased to announce the publication of M. J. Westley’s first novel, ‘Thimblestar’. This is a fairy story you will never have read the like of before. Described by editor Storm Constantine as ‘the story Shakespeare’s fairies from Midsummer Night’s Dream might have written’, and by Immanion Press consultant Ian Watson as “This may be one of the strangest books you will ever read, and I even recommend reading it aloud, so as not to miss anything. “Once when the seasons were six… was the first dream stolen. Twas placed beneath a mirror, guarded by a dog of bronze.” To build a mythic world, mostly woven out of nature, is a great achievement”, M. J. Westley is a refreshing new voice for literary fantasy.


Also newly-released is the fourth book in the Wraeththu Mythos short story collections, ‘Para Animalia’, edited by Storm Constantine and Wendy Darling.

The androgynous and mysterious Wraeththu have risen to replace humanity upon a ravaged world. Fourth in the Wraeththu Mythos anthologies, ‘Para Animalia’ focuses upon Wraeththu’s relationship with the animal kingdom – creatures both real and imaginary.

Based on the world created by Storm Constantine for her Wraeththu novels, the stories in this collection explore how various Wraeththu tribes interact with animals, have spiritual or working relationships with them, or have encountered zoological mysteries out in the world. From the wolves of frozen forests, and a har’s obsession with spiders, to the snakes of parched deserts and the hunting dogs of what was once the African plains, hara confront a strengthening natural world that is now free of humanity.

‘Para Animalia’ features stories from nine writers, some of whom are well known within Wraeththu fandom and/or have written Wraeththu Mythos novels published by Immanion Press. Also included are two new stories each by Storm Constantine and Wendy Darling.


Featuring stories by: Storm Constantine, Wendy Darling, Martina Bellovičová, Nerine Dorman, Amanda Kear, Fiona Lane, Maria J Leel, Daniela Ritter and E S Wynn.

Both of these new titles may be purchased through Amazon and other internet outlets, and from our own web site

Anyone wishing to review these books, please email editorial(at) and we can provide a PDF of the text. The authors are also available for interview via the same address.