Reiki Subversives Manual now Available

The Reiki Subversives Manual

The Reiki Subversives Manual introduces a radical new approach to energy healing. The author encourages practitioners to become Reiki warriors and urban healers, and to explore Reiki in a whole new light. This book includes previously unseen Reiki techniques and methods, through which Hernesson demonstrates how you can use Reiki to heal yourself, your community and the Earth – and how you don’t even have to be attuned to Reiki to accomplish this. While many of these techniques can be employed by practitioners of any energy healing system, the book includes a basic method for using Earth energy, as well as a process to connect to Reiki, so you can begin urban healing yourself.

This exciting new book on Reiki covers:

Reiki self-defence

The Ripple Effect: healing methods for you, your community, and our Earth

Healing with the power of the Earth

Reiki activism: healing your environment

Urban Reiki subterfuge: ‘street washing’ and the ‘Reiki blast’

First ‘energy’ aid

A wide array of new Reiki attunements – including ‘one touch’, ‘breath’, ‘singing’ and ‘holding’

New spiritual technique: ‘The Reiki Darshan’

Love, the heart centre and e-gasms

The Reiki Subversive’s Manual offers revolutionary new techniques that can aid you to heal our world for the good of all.

The Reiki Subversive’s Manual is now available.

Pop Culture Magic Systems by Taylor Ellwood is now available

Pop Culture Magic Systems

Pop Culture Magic Systems

Pop Culture Magic Systems is now available

In Pop Culture Magic Systems, Taylor Ellwood shows pop culture magicians and pagans how to construct a system of magic around their favorite pop culture. You will learn what a system of magic is, and what the essential elements are that can help you make your pop culture into a viable spiritual practice that helps you get results and explore deeper spiritual truths. If you want to level up your pop culture magical practice, this book will be your strategy guide!

You will learn:

Why a system is a map that helps you discover the territory of your pop culture magic.

How to match your pop culture mythology to traditional and new correspondences.

What the essential elements of magic are and how they can be applied to pop culture.

How to pick the pop culture you want to turn into a system of magic.

And much, much more…

“In a conversationalist tone, magical mad scientist Taylor Ellwood continues to take us through his forte of pop culture magick, but in this book he treads new and valuable ground. “Pop Culture Magic Systems” is not what you would think it would be, but then again, it is, and oh, wait, it kind of is what you may think it is! Confused? Well, in short, this is one of the best books on magic out there for one very big reason. This is a book on magical systems. Yes, I know that a lot of times we see books with the word “system” in the title, and that book walks you through a particular system of magick, but what if there was a book that gave you insight into what was behind all of those systems? Would that pique your interest? If so, this is the book for you.” – Bill Duvendack, author of Spirit Relations

“This book continues the exploration of magic in Pop Culture Magick and Pop Culture Magic 2.0 but stands on its own as a description of how to create a magical system. The techniques are aimed at experienced practitioners connecting magic with the stories of our times. How many of us have used the Force, or flicked a wand with a Harry-Potteresque Latin spell? Taylor Ellwood builds on this using the doctrine of correspondences to link pop culture ideas with traditional magical entities. Along the way he articulates the most original perspective on core principles since Isaac Bonewits listed his “Laws” in Real Magic.” – Brandy Williams author of Ecstatic Ritual

Who is a Witch By Rowan Moss and T.S. Lamb is now available

Who is a Witch

Who is a Witch?

Who is a Witch? By Rowan Moss, illustrated by T. S. Lamb is now available!

Who is a Witch? Is a companion-reader book for children and parents exploring the basics – what makes a witch special and who a witch might be in a child’s life.

Whimsical illustrations and purposefully upbeat and simple language will delight the eye and open communication.

Each book in the Pagan Children Learning Series is a beginner’s introduction that allows room for discussion of your family’s own belief in every lesson!


Victor Anderson: An Amercian Shaman now available for pre-order

Victor Anderson: An American Shaman

Victor Anderson An American Shaman

Victor Anderson: An American Shaman is now available for pre-order.

A remarkable book about a remarkable subject, with some significant editorial commentary that clarifies many aspects. – R. J. Stewart, Author of

‘Advanced Magical Arts’

In 1999, Victor Anderson, the founder of the American Witchcraft Feri Tradition, started a project with his long-time student and friend Cornelia Benavidez. At first, she didn’t know that he was placing in her hands his last words to the world and especially to the initiates of the Feri Tradition, to be released when he felt his teachings would be the most needed. Now is that time.
From the 1960s onwards, Victor Anderson revolutionized paganism. As Elder, Teacher and Grandmaster of the Feri Tradition, he trained some of the most influential voices in modern paganism and was respected worldwide. Calling his tradition authentic, ancient and sex positive, Victor and his wife Cora challenged all sides of religious and pagan persuasions, shocking many into examining their racial and sexual prejudices and bias. They called for people to educate themselves by any means possible, to examine history and culture, to better understand themselves and the divine quest of which we all are a part. Though on one hand Victor’s path grew straight from the soil of indigenous culture and traditional magical craft, he also passionately championed the sciences. Victor was also an accomplished poet and his book, “Thorns of the Blood Rose” was considered a classic when it was published in 1970. As with so many visionaries, Victor was ahead of his time. Though often considered controversial during his lifetime, through the interviews in this book he clarifies mistakes and rumors concerning his history and the Feri Tradition. The book also includes an intriguing essay on Victor’s introduction to the craft, by writer and artist Sara Star, and the intensive research done by genealogist William Wallworth on Victor’s family.

Spirit Relations by Bill Duvendack is now available for Pre-Order

Spirit Relations

Spirit Relations by Bill Duvendack

Spirit Relations, Bill Duvendack’s latest book is now available for pre-order. The book will be published April 12th.

Are you looking for a book that teaches you mediumship, rather than merely sharing an individual’s stories of their own work? Are you tired of the dogma that is erroneously attached to this unique skill? Do you want a book with exercises to help you develop your psychic abilities in a more hands-on fashion? Look no further, because all this and more is covered in Spirit Relations. Written by a professional medium, this book not only covers channeling, but also discusses the energetic body of a person, and what to expect when you begin to interact with spirits on a regular basis. Bill Duvendack brings a grounded and practical approach to channeling, sharing details that often get overlooked. You will find exercises to help you assess what psychic skills you might already possess and which may need further development. There is also an easy to follow template for your early mediumship work, and a frequently-asked-question session to assist you during your work.

“I have long wished for a clear and sensible introduction to interacting with spirits. Spirit Relations: Your User-Friendly Guide to the Spirit World, Mediumship and Energy is just that book.”

–Brandy Williams, author of ‘Women’s Voices in Magic’

“Both enjoyable and informative, it is an essential reading for anyone seeking a solid introduction to the nature of spirits, the art of spirit conjuring, and interactions with the astral world.”

-Asenath Mason, artist, author


Rituals of the Light Within by Elizabeth Anderton Fox

Rituals of the light Within

Rituals of the Light Within

Rituals of the Light Within by Elizabeth Anderton Fox is now available

Rituals of the Light Within is a collection of writings by Elizabeth Anderton Fox, who has had wide experience in the Rosicrucian, Masonic and Western Mystery Traditions, and is a supervisor for the coursework of the ‘Servants of the Light’ school. The rituals in this book were written between 1982 and 2015, and were primarily designed for use by small and large groups in workshop settings. By publishing them in book form, the author hopes they will prove useful to others, as well as being interesting reading material for anyone drawn to the subject.

The rituals are based upon a wide range of spiritual and esoteric teachings, and contain elements of the Kabbalah as used in Western Mystery teachings. They incorporate aspects of astrology, science, alchemy and astronomy. Above all, they are a reflection of the author’s spiritual journey, based on her personal experiences of the Light which shines within each and every one of us.

Testimonials and more about Goddess 2.0


Goddess 2.0: A New Path Forward, edited by Karen Tate has been getting a lot of testimonials and reviews.

Here’s a link to a new review of the anthology on Suep.

Here’s a link to a review on Druid life.

Here’s a link to a review on Mystic Living Today.

Here’s a review by Author Laura Perry.

And a review on Kindred spirits.

Here’s what Karen Tate, the editor has to say about why she created the anthology:

You are not alone if you believe domination and authoritarian patriarchy are destroying countless lives and our planet. There is a more sustainable alternative and it’s not new. In fact it’s ancient. Exiled for a time, but making a return, the Sacred Feminine has become indelibly integrated into our lives, reminding humanity during this time of crisis that the ideals of the Great She offer a pathway to secure a more sustainable future. As people lose faith in organized religion, as the paradigm of power shifts across the globe, as climate change quickly approaches a point of no return, people are leading using their divine intelligence gleaned from Goddess teachings to find solutions and sanctuary. They’re listening to their consciences, heart wisdom, and intuition to manifest a new normal. They’re practicing partnership, generosity, and compassion to establish a new way of being. They’re tapping into their empathy and morality as they hit the reset button. We are witnessing this awakening across the globe as people from all walks of life and cultures turn to Goddess, deity, archetype and ideal, to evolve from the malignant chaos we face today. Using the wisdom and activism suggested in Goddess 2.0; Advancing a New Path Forward, we see through the lens of spiritual, cultural and political leaders, old and new, male and female. They share the many ways Goddess Spirituality has grown and matured in the minds of Her advocates to inspire the birth of a new world and usher in a time of security, peace, joy, equality and prosperity for all.

What am I talking about you might ask?  Sacred Feminine ideals are the new liberation thealogy.  Here’s what I mean.

There is no doubt people all over feel under siege considering the domination under which we are attempting to live.  Here in the United States, predator capitalism, globalization and bad trade deals for labor resulted in good paying jobs being shipped overseas where corporations could pay workers slave wages, leaving Americans with few options for decent paying jobs.  People now work longer hours for lower wages than they brought home decades ago, with many living on credit cards to make ends meet.  The elderly suffer little dignity in their retirement while the poor and disabled have slim opportunities or economic security as our tax dollars never seem invested in their quality of life.  The vast income disparity between the “haves” and the “have nots” grows every year as the latter witnesses the elites immune from accountability for their actions on the uneven playing field.  Bankers can destroy the economy and not go to jail while the average person might be incarcerated for a minor offense – but we have to keep those privatized prison cells full!  Both political parties have presided over the decimation of the middle class and the largest income disparity in our country’s history.  The American Dream is all but dead as the poor and middle class are relegated to little more than cannon fodder or consumer status, both fulfilling their roles keeping our corporate masters rich and their greed satiated.

Climate change threatens our security and the health of Mother Earth, our only home, but we ignore the warning signs because it affects the bottom line.  The bees are still dying while our acidic oceans face potential mass extinction but corporations are people now, so says the Supreme Court of the United States, and with their immense profits, they are legally buying democracy, leaving the 99% with little to no representation in government.  Fracking is being sold across the globe with seeming little regard for the poisoning of our ground water by multi-national corporations, or the growing concern it might be contributing to earthquakes, not to mention the collapse of property values of homeowners as they can set fire to the water from their kitchen faucets.

Failed, yet not abandoned, “trickle-down” economic ideologies and austerity budgets can be blamed for our dangerous crumbling infrastructure, hardly limited to the now-famous lead poisoning of poor children and adults living in Flint, Michigan.  Journalism, as the Fourth Estate, or fourth branch of government, protecting democracy, is dead, but not unbiased.  Voting irregularities left many people in the United States feeling they must petition the United Nations to monitor our elections during the Hillary Clinton vs. Bernie Sanders presidential campaign.  With corporate interests the priority,  “news readers” on the nightly news perpetuate the fear-mongering or divide and conquer strategy, allowing racism and bigotry to fester, and the wrong people targeted as the blame for the chaos, fear and escalating unease, all kept under control, of course, by the ever increasing militarization of our local police forces.

Let’s not forget, men still believe they have a religious mandate to control women’s sexual lives and what they can or cannot do with their bodies, all under the guise of their concern for women’s health and morality, while women in the 21st century have yet to receive social or economic parity in the developed world.

And the sad truth is, as the curator of this anthology, I do not think any of this is hyperbole.  I wish it were.  The good news is, there is an answer, and more and more people are catching on.

The Sacred Feminine, deity, archetype and/or ideal offers humanity solutions and sanctuary, from womb to tomb, from the boardroom and bedroom to the voting booth, as readers will discover within the pages of this book.  Exiled for a time, but making a return, the Sacred Feminine has become indelibly integrated into our lives, reminding humanity during this time of crisis that the ideals of the Great She offer a pathway to a secure and more sustainable future.  As people lose faith in organized religion and bastions of authority, as the paradigm of power shifts across the globe, people are leading from the grassroots, using their divine intelligence gleaned from Goddess teachings to find answers.  They’re listening to their consciences, heart wisdom and intuition to manifest a new normal.  They’re practicing partnership, generosity and compassion to establish a new way of being.  They’re tapping into their empathy and spiritual morality as they hit the reset button.  We are witnessing this awakening across the globe as people from all walks of life and cultures turn to the Feminine to evolve from the malignant chaos we face today.

Using the wisdom and activism suggested in Goddess 2.0; Advancing a New Path Forward, we see through the lens of spiritual, cultural and political leaders, old and new, male and female.  They share the many ways Goddess Spirituality has grown and matured in the minds of Her advocates to inspire the birth of a new world and usher in a time of security, peace, joy, equality and prosperity for all. Talking about everything from abortion and women’s health, to caring economics and new ways of seeing the Divine, everyone in this anthology offers a thread of the new tapestry for humanity’s future and we invite you to delve in, dig deep and find your sacred roar!

Meet the contributors:  Anne Baring, Starhawk, Carol P. Christ, Riane Eisler, Barbara G. Walker, Cristina Biaggi, Elizabeth and Robert Fisher, Shirley Ann Ranck, Bob Gratrix, Patricia ‘Iolana, Nancy Vedder-Shults, M. Isidora Forrest, Karen Tate, Amy “Amalya” Peck, Linda Iles, Andrew Gurevich, Charlotte L. Cressey, Delphine DeMore, Tabby Biddle, Trista Hendren, and Harita Meenee.

Here are some testimonials from readers who have enjoyed the Goddess 2.0 anthology.

“We women are often afraid to be thought of as pushy or bitchy if we assert ourselves willfully with the force of our passion. But the planet is in desperate need of our spiritual wisdom. The time couldn’t be more crucial. Starting here, starting now, we must claim our rightful duties as healers, as leaders, as visionaries. We have the whole world in our very capable hands. And here is the perfect hand book to get us going!”

– Donna Henes, author of The Queen of MY Self: Stepping into Sovereignty in Midlife


I think the book you have put together with contributions from these most interesting and articulate women and men will be of great value to assist the emergence of a new culture…. and we should all be immensely grateful to you for the amount of work you have put into planning and organizing it.

Anne Baring, Author of The Dream of the Cosmos: a Quest for the Soul


Goddess 2.0: Advancing a New Path Forward is a stirring cry for partnership, generosity, compassion and empathy, qualities the world so desperately needs.  It could not have come at a better time.

—  Sam Daley-Harris,  Founder of Center for Citizen Empowerment and Transformation and author, Reclaiming Our Democracy: Healing the Break between People and Government



When the world is in trouble, not a single political, cultural or spiritual leader will solve our problems. Goddess Spirituality becomes active through our own actions. Karen Tate points the way. The new consciousness will arise from many sources. Her book gives them a voice.

— Martin Weyers, Joseph Campbell Foundation, Artist, and Visionary

All hails for Goddess 2.0! At this dire time on our planet these voices of the Sacred Feminine(Goddess)heed the call to save the Earth and all Her creatures and humanity!

Le’ema Kathleen Graham

Author and Visionary Dancing Priestess

Thoughtful essays provoking the question: How do we embody the Goddess in practice, enacting the life-affirming values of the Sacred Feminine through the transformation of social, economic, and political institutions?

Lisa Sarasohn, author of The Woman’s Belly Book: Finding Your True Center for More Energy, Confidence, and Pleasure

This book contains important keys to the new society we must have if we are to survive on Earth, keys that open many new doors as the old doors of Patriarchal Capitalist business-as-usual slam shut. After reading Goddess 2.0 and other books written and/or edited by Karen Tate it is no longer legitimate to despair. The alternative is directly before us. The necessary shift in thinking is this: nurturing by humans and Mother Earth does not entail subservience but it must become the model for a liberated, empathetic  and egalitarian humanity.

Genevieve Vaughan,  The Gift in the Heart of Language:the Maternal Source of Meaning (Mimesis International, 2105)

“Hurrah for Karen Tate!  An intellectual High Priestess,  she has been working to bring back the Goddess to all peoples for more than twenty years. Congratulations!” –  Z Budapest

Goddess 2.0: Advancing a New Path Forward is a book of deep spirit and caring toward all.  The authors in this anthology are calling for compassion in a country and, indeed, much of the world, which increasingly considers money to be the most important underlying factor of civilization: a paradigm of patriarchy.  The authors suggest a very different paradigm, both moral and spiritual, that is essential at this time, when destruction of natural resources, wars, ethnic cleansings, and acts of terrorism are the norm.  The suggestions offered in this anthology include that of Cristina Biaggi, who appeals to us to embrace the Dark Goddess — to embrace and process terror and death, with compassion.  Karen Tate, the editor of this anthology, asks us in her own essay to reawaken to myths and sacred stories of the feminine, in order “to set people free to lead a more creative and authentic life.” Trista Hendren asks us to build bridges instead of walls: to connect with one another. Starhawk’s essay argues that health care is a moral issue, and that it must be given universally. Carol P. Christ asks us to re-connect to the feminist peace movement, a movement which supports life instead of condemning soldiers and civilians to death. Riane Eisler proposes that recognizing the critical importance of “women’s issues” is essential for everyone, women and men, young and old, and that “caring societies” are not only more compassionate but also more economically successful.  This is just a taste of the jewels in the pages of this book: there are many more very important writings within.  Our world desperately needs the wisdom of these deeply spiritual people.

Miriam Robbins Dexter, author of Whence the Goddesses: A Source Book; Sacred Display: Divine and Magical Female Figures of Eurasia; and co-editor/author of Foremothers of the Women’s Spirituality Movement: Elders and Visionaries.

“I believe we all worked hard before we incarnated to ensure we would emerge during these times. And perhaps part of our ‘insurance’ that we would get it right (this time) was that we would all read (and re-read) Goddess 2.0 to re-mind ourselves of who we are, and why we’re here. The Goddess (2.0) within us all (men and women) is crucial—and it’s even more crucial that she not stay within…but take center stage in our outer lives. Reading this book is sure to help you enact your sacred pact for being here at this precious time.”

~Kelly Sullivan Walden, author of “Discover Your Inner Goddess Queen” and the “Love, Sex & Relationship Dream Dictionary”

Goddess 2.0 could not have arrived at a better time. We are a nation at a cultural crossroads – and we have just chosen to take a very dark path leading us backwards. The contributors of Goddess 2.0 point the way to a future that is different than the past. Patriarchy and authoritarianism have divided, exploited and almost ruined our planet and oppressed the lives of billions, while enriching a very few. If humanity is to find a way forward, it will be because we collectively choose to take a different path. Think of the contributions to this book as guideposts along that path to a better future. Karen Tate has done us all a service by compiling this amazing anthology.  — Tim Ward, Publisher and author of The Savage Breast: One Man’s Search For the Goddess

To learn more and get your copy of the Goddess 2.0, go here.