Exciting News for Tanith Lee Fans

We have some exciting news we’d like to share. In December, we’ll be releasing a previously unpublished fiction work by Tanith Lee called ‘At the Court of the Crow’, which is something of a legend among core fans, because Tanith spoke about it, yet it never appeared in print.

John Kaiine has only recently asked if we’d like to publish this work, and because it needs nothing doing to it, save being scanned from a very clean manuscript and then copy edited, we thought a Yule release would be ideal for it. The truth is, we couldn’t wait to bring it out and didn’t want fans to have to wait too long for it either!

At the Court of the Crow’ was intended to be the start of a much longer novel, but Tanith only completed this first section, which stands alone perfectly well as a novella. This will probably be the last previously-unpublished longer work of Tanith’s her readers will ever see, so it’s very special. It’s beautifully written, and hauntingly strange, which makes the fact it was never completed even more poignant.

At the court of the crow web

John has provided some material from an interview Tanith did in 2011, which sheds light on this mysterious story.

Tanith Lee:

“[At the Court of the Crow] is an unfinished work which was offered here and there as an example of the finished novel I wanted to write. Responses were negative or strangely confused. No one bought the work. And so far I haven’t completed it. It is, this one, an (to me) interesting and weird project. A rural place, feeling somewhat 1900, but where stars crash on the ground by night. Something apocalyptic happened, it seems, some years before, and civilization ground to a halt. There is the House, and the Town, and the Plain between, where you must Never venture after dark for fear of the peculiar and lethal creatures that teem there. And then the Old Man turns up, gorgeous of voice, unholy and persuasive of character. To the lonely, obscure young woman (oh, her again!) trapped in the house, with her cruel and ridiculous relatives, does he represent a way out, or the way… to Hell? Or both.”

We hope all appetites are whetted for this rare, delicious work. Cover art by John Kaiine, design by Danielle Lainton. More details, such as precise release date and cover price, to follow soon.

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