Strindberg’s Ghost Sonata by Tanith Lee

Tanith Lee wrote hundreds of short stories, not only for big, prestigious anthologies and magazines, but for small press publications that might not have reached so wide an audience. Many of these stories have remained uncollected, unseen by the majority of Tanith’s avid readers. Immanion Press will be releasing three collections in 2019, featuring these rare gems of literature.

The first, ‘Strindberg’s Ghost Sonata and Other Uncollected Tales’ came out this month.  The stories included are: Strindberg’s Ghost Sonata, Among the Leaves so Green, Ceres Passing, Cold Spell, Felidis, Goldenhair, Last Drink Bird Head, Herowhine, In the Balance, The Origin of Snow, The Pain of Glass, Question a Stone, A Tower of Arkrondurl, Two Lions, a Witch and the War-Robe, The Woman, Persian Eyes, The Three Brides of Hamid-Dar, Beauty is the Beast, Elvenbrood, and a story that has never been published before – The Iron City. Cover art is by John Kaiine.


Review PDFs of the book are available upon request by mailing editorial(at)immanion-press(dot)com

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