We’re now taking pre-orders for the Collector’s Edition of SHE: Primal Meetings with the Dark Goddess by Storm Constantine and Andrew Collins, with contributions by Deborah Cartwright, Maggie Jennings, Richard Ward and Caroline Wise, released on 13th December 2018. This unique edition of the book, limited to just 99 copies, retails at £29.99 plus shipping. Please use the link to our web site below to order, which will calculate the shipping cost to your address.


The Collector’s Edition of SHE is hardback with a wraparound cover featuring artwork by Danielle Lainton. It includes a numbered signature page, a bonus section ‘Goddesses of Greater Darkness’, exploring a further three goddesses (Lyssa, Melinoë and Kalma) and extra illustrations.


Visit our web site Immanion Press to pre-order your copy.

Pre-ordering secures you a copy of the book, numbered, and signed by Andrew Collins and Storm Constantine. We will confirm we have received your order by email.

The book will not be dispatched until publication day, 13th December 2018. Orders will be shipped from the UK.

As this date falls near to the Christmas period, please bear in mind that parcels might take longer to arrive than usual, especially to addresses overseas.

All parcels will be shipped with full tracking and the requirement that they are signed for upon delivery.

Please submit your pre-order by 19th November 2018 to ensure we’re able to ship it in time.

Should the Collector’s Edition of SHE still be available following its publication on December 13, orders received and dispatched after this time might, for logistical reasons, only be signed by one of the co-authors, Storm Constantine.

Cover Text of SHE

The Dark Goddess is fearsome, lustful, unpredictable, dispassionate, cruel, and often deadly. She is Mother Nature without mercy. She is the Ice Maiden with no heart. She is the Bloody Scavenger of the Battlefield and the Huntress of the Moon. She is the Queen of the Dead, and the Avatar of Madness. She reflects our deepest desires, fears, ideals, hopes and expectations.

In this book, you’ll meet goddesses of war, ecstasy and chaos, as well as huntresses of the night and queens of the underworld. You’ll experience meetings with dark mothers, alluring demonesses and grim hags of the winter twilight, who might share with you their ancient wisdom. In vividly evoked timeless lands you’ll encounter powerful sorceresses and wild incarnations of delirium. Hecate, Ereshkigal, Babalon, Akhlys, Melusine, Berchta, Ashina, Black Annis, Lamia… they and all their shadowy sisters wait in their hidden domains to reveal their mysteries.

Storm Constantine and Andrew Collins have selected a wide and fascinating assembly of goddesses for this book, including some who are not so well-known. The pathworkings to meet them, and explore their realms through meditation and intuition, will help you gain insight into these often-misunderstood deities.

This fully-illustrated book includes articles and pathworkings by Deborah Cartwright, Maggie Jennings, Richard Ward and Caroline Wise. Illustrations by Danielle Lainton, Storm Constantine and Ruby. Cover art and design by Danielle Lainton.

The Collector’s edition is augmented by a bonus section – Goddesses of Greater Darkness – featuring Lyssa, Melinoë and Kalma, with extra illustrations to accompany it.

SHE: Primal Meetings with the Dark Goddess paperback edition


We’ll also be releasing a paperback edition of SHE on 13th December with cover artwork by Brom. This is available from our web site and online stores such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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