Book Releases Aug/Sept 2018

Review PDFs are available for all titles from editorial(at)immanion-press(dot)com and we can forward mails to the authors in respects of interviews or blog spots.

On 30th August we’re publishing ‘Heart of the Elder: Good Elders and Their Influence’ by Lillith ThreeFeathers and Joy Marie Wedmedyk. The book has cover artwork by Nemo Boko.

Book Information:

The Heart of the Elder: Good Elders and Their Influence offers everything you need to know about Pagan/Neopagan Elders.

How to identify, meet, and work with Elders.
Distinguishing the characteristics of great Elders.
Originating and maintaining meaningful relationships.
Navigating unique teaching styles.
Synchronicities and mysterious benefits of training with them.
Amazing stories of life-changing events.
Honoring them through Ceremonies.
Saying goodbye.


Lillith ThreeFeathers and Joy Marie Wedmedyk share astounding real-life experiences, magical blessings, and spiritual connections that prove the importance of Elders in Paganism. They provide essential advice to students and Elders on dedication, patience, accountability, being present for the experience, and using personal failure as a stepping stone. Building upon decades of unique personal experiences, they offer a practical guide to navigating respectful relationships across spiritual traditions. They include insights from interviews with more than thirty active Pagans/Neopagans, including noted teachers, writers, and Elders.

No other book deals with the particular challenges of identifying Elders, their roles in our culture, and their impact on those they guide. The information gathered by the authors offers an adventure that will support your own personal path.

In September we’ll publish ‘The Elemental Magic Workbook’ by Soror Velchanes.

Book Information:

This pragmatic workbook offers a complete course in elemental magic. Throughout history, individuals from a diversity of backgrounds and preparations have used the elements for spiritual enrichment, life balance, practical magic, and more. Though many cultures developed similar (and nonetheless valuable) models, our primary emphasis will be on understanding and working with the elements from classical Greek and Hermetic perspectives, with a chaos magic twist. Buddhist and Daoist paradigms are also addressed.


  • gain broad knowledge of the elements, their history, and esoteric applications
  • explore the nature of each element, how it impacts your life, and how to harness it for personal benefit
  • discover the underlying rationale of traditional correspondences, and generate your own for personal use
  • perform elemental rites inspired by various magical traditions, as well as successfully develop and perform your own

Overall, the workbook strives to provide a solid theoretical and practical foundation for future work. Paradigm-specific information is provided on an as-needed basis. Previous magical experience is helpful but is not required. Everyone is welcome to work with the elements!


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