Grimoire Dehara Book 2: Ulani

Immanion Press, through its imprint Megalithica Books, is pleased to announce the publication of Grimoire Dehara Book Two: Ulani. This is the second volume of the pop culture magic system based on the mythos of Storm Constantine’s popular fantasy novels, the Wraeththu series. The focus of the system is the Dehara, androgynous deities that represent the alchemical rebis, the conjunction of male and female, spirit and matter.

The book is fully illustrated by artist Ruby, with additional illustrations by Storm Constantine. It will be available as a limited edition numbered hardback of 50 copies, a paperback and eEbook. The printed editions will contain more illustrations than the eBook.

Following on from Grimoire Dehara: Kaimana, this book explores Ulani, the second tier of the system, incorporating the levels Acantha, Pyralis and Algoma. The practitioner now accesses deeper realms of magical knowledge, utilising their creativity and imagination as a vehicle to study the self.

Grimoire Dehara: Ulani includes:

Working within etheric realms

Sikaara – the deharan version of the energy system of the body and the study of its centres

Xephelax – the deharan Underworld

The dehara of alchemy and alchemical transformation

The Constellati – beings of the cosmos

Divozenky – the mind of the earth

Creating a Spiritual Pearl

This book is an essential addition to the library of any experimental practitioners of magic interested in new systems, as well as fans of Storm’s work, who want to know more about the magic described in the novels.

The authors are available for interview through Review PDFs can also be acquired from the same address.

An online community Nayati Dehara ( has been set up for those interested in this pop culture magic system. All visitors are welcome.

Grimoire Ulani

Grimoire Ulani now Available


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