Immanion Author Enters Grimdark Competition

Grimdark Magazine is running a ‘Battle Off’ competition, for which authors submit a battle scene from one of their novels. Immanion Press author, Phil Emery, has submitted an excerpt from his ‘The Shadow Cycles’ novel.

As Phil describes:

“The term ‘Grimdark’ is fairly self-does-what-it-says-on-the-semantic-can-explanatory. Coined some years ago, apparently from a tagline phrase in the ‘Warhammer’ strategy game, it’s come more into prominence since the rise of ‘Game of Thrones’. This is fiction, usually fantasy, which foregrounds the dystopian, the amoral, the (ultra)violent. Like many candidates for sub-genre status, it just as often defines itself by what it is not. It ain’t Tolkien. The magazine Grimdark, which publishes work of this kind is now celebrating its first year of existence with a competition of battle sequences, one thousand words or less. Each entry, which must come from a published or self-published book, gets its own page on the Grimdark website, and readers vote from a choice of ratings.”
Phil’s contribution can be found at Grimdark Competition

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