Pop Culture Magic 2.0 is Available

Pop culture Magic 2.0

Pop Culture Magic 2.0 is now available!

In Pop Culture Magic 2.0, Taylor Ellwood explores how pop culture magic has continued to evolve. In this book you will learn how to make any pop culture into pop culture magic as well as why you might want to. You’ll also learn how pop culture is becoming the mythology of our time and how older mythologies are showing up in contemporary culture. If you’ve wanted to practice pop culture magic or are just curious as to how magic and pop culture go together this book is for you. You will also learn:

• How to work with corporate entities in pop culture magic

• How to develop your own system of pop culture magic

• How to integrate social media and modern technology into your magical practice.

• How to use contemporary holidays in your magical workings

• How role playing games can help you with your identity work

• and much, much more!

If you’ve wanted to integrate contemporary culture into your spiritual work, look no further! Pop Culture Magic 2.0 can help you develop a modern system of magic that is relevant to you and allows you to take the pop culture you love and turn it into a spiritual practice that changes your life.

Immanion Author Enters Grimdark Competition

Grimdark Magazine is running a ‘Battle Off’ competition, for which authors submit a battle scene from one of their novels. Immanion Press author, Phil Emery, has submitted an excerpt from his ‘The Shadow Cycles’ novel.

As Phil describes:

“The term ‘Grimdark’ is fairly self-does-what-it-says-on-the-semantic-can-explanatory. Coined some years ago, apparently from a tagline phrase in the ‘Warhammer’ strategy game, it’s come more into prominence since the rise of ‘Game of Thrones’. This is fiction, usually fantasy, which foregrounds the dystopian, the amoral, the (ultra)violent. Like many candidates for sub-genre status, it just as often defines itself by what it is not. It ain’t Tolkien. The magazine Grimdark, which publishes work of this kind is now celebrating its first year of existence with a competition of battle sequences, one thousand words or less. Each entry, which must come from a published or self-published book, gets its own page on the Grimdark website, and readers vote from a choice of ratings.”
Phil’s contribution can be found at Grimdark Competition