Tanith Lee 1947-2015

It is with great sadness we have to report the death of Tanith Lee, on Sunday 24th May, at the age of 67, following a long illness. We were – and are – privileged to publish Tanith’s work, including the seven volume Colouring Book series, ‘Ghosteria 1’, ‘Ghosteria 2’ and ‘A Different City’.

Tanith had many plans for the future with several different publishers, including new works with Immanion Press. She wouldn’t – and didn’t – stop working until she was physically incapable of doing so. She was able to finish work on her story collection Legenda Maris before her death, and we will be publishing this volume in the near future, which will include two pieces written by Tanith in the last weeks of her life.

There are few writers of Tanith’s calibre, and she was without doubt one of the best fiction writers in the UK, who crossed many genres in her work, and influenced many other authors. She was also a strong supporter of other writers, for whom she provided so much inspiration. Her passing is a terrible loss to literature, as well as to those who loved her.

Our deepest condolences go to her husband John Kaiine.


5 thoughts on “Tanith Lee 1947-2015

  1. I’m devastated to hear of her passing — perhaps a little selfishly. She continued, up to the end, to be so prolific and entertaining. She had so much more to give. (Though she’s already given us so much.) My heart goes out to the people she was a person, and not just an author, to. Her friends, her family, and her husband John. No other author has left such an indelible mark on my mind. I always felt like she was writing exactly what I wanted, the way I wanted it. As if it was made-to-order. A big thank you to Immanion Press for the care and consideration you’ve given (and hopefully will continue to give!) her work.

  2. I have only just learned of Tanith Lee’s passing and with that I knew something precious had left the world.

    Tanith Lee was a magician in every sense of the world. Her stories spoke to the soul, to me especially the The Flat Earth series touched me on so many levels.

    I looked forward to every publication and checked Immanion Press first and foremost because they showed such care and respect to her stories (as I write this I have already ordered Legenda Maris).

    I will also treasure the stories she has left the world, they are jewels beyond price.
    Thank you Tanith Lee.
    Thank you John Kaiine.
    Thank you Immanion Press.

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