Para Kindred Blog Hop – Day 10 – final day!

Welcome to day 10 – the final day – of the Immanion Press blog hop for the new Wraeththu anthology, Para Kindred. If you have read every contribution to the blog hop, answer all the secret questions about the posts, mail them to editorial(at)Immanion-press(dot)com, with the subject heading Para Kindred competition. You will be entered into a prize draw to win an item from the New section of our Café Press store. The winner can choose any item from this section. The closing date for entries is Friday 27th June.

Today’s featured author is Suzanne Gabriel. The secret question is at the bottom of this post, along with details of previous contributors’ questions.

If you’ve missed any of the posts, all the links are listed below.


Maria’s question: Where was Chenga’s servant Dolah planning to escape to?

Earl’s question: Who do the spirit wolves watch over, according to legend.

Storm’s question: What can Cherrah do in the mountains that ordinary hara cannot?

Nerine’s question: What birds fly past Taym’s window as he’s staying in the garret?

Wendy’s question: What is the name of her alter-ego?

Fiona’s question: What colour did Kethoak turn when he mused on the fundamentally linear nature of time?

Daniela’s question: What was the name of the first har who arrived after Sapphire and Julee had founded Serenity?

Storm’s question: What does the peacock har liken Ashmael and Fernici to before he walks away from them?

Martina’s question: Where have Satoru and Kiyoshi met again for the first time since they parted at Neo Osaka?

Suzanne’s question: What type of farming does Tobian see evidence of on the island?


Link to E. S. Wynn’s 16th June

Link to Maria’s 17th June

Link to Storm’s 18th June

Link to Nerine’s 19th June

Link to Wendy’s 20th June

Link to Fiona’s 21st June

Link to Daniela’s 22nd June

Link to Storm’s 23rd June

Link to Martina’s 24th June

Link to Suzanne’s 25th June


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