Para Kindred Blog Hop – Day 4

We’ve made it to Day 4* of the Immanion Press “Blog Hop” for the new Wraeththu anthology, Para Kindred.

How does it work? Every day through June 24th, a different Para Kindred author will update their blog with something related to their story — whether background or explanation or additional scenes or whatever they like. Now interactive part for fans is that if you read all the contributions and then answer all the “secret questions” about the posts (look to the end of each post), and you will be entered into a prize draw to win an item from the New section of the IP Café Press store.

Today’s featured author is Wendy Darling, author of the “Sea and Shore” and “Dysphoria.” The new “secret question” is at the bottom of this post, along with details of previous contributors’ questions. Wendy’s post is over on her Goodreads author blog.


Maria’s question: Where was Chenga’s servant Dolah planning to escape to?
Earl’s question: Who do the spirit wolves watch over, according to legend.
Storm’s question: What can Cherrah do in the mountains that ordinary hara cannot?
Wendy’s question: What was Wendy’s alter-ego’s name?

Posts so Far

Link to E. S. Wynn’s Post – June 16th
Link to Maria’s Post – June 17th
Link to Storm’s Post – June 18th 
Link to Wendy’s 19th June


* Day 4 being June 19th. Which it is in England, although not in the U.S., where this post was made. So ignore the date stamp. It’s the 19th!


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