Para Kindred Blog Hop – Day 2

Welcome to the Immanion Press blog hop for the new Wraeththu anthology, Para Kindred. Every day until 25th June the PK authors will be posting a blog post about their story in the collection. Read every contribution to the blog hop, answer all the secret questions about the posts, and you will be entered into a prize draw to win an item from the New section of our Café Press store.

Authors who don’t have blogs of their own will have their articles posted here. Today’s featured author is Maria J Leel. The secret question is at the bottom of this post, along with details of yesterday’s author’s (Earl S Wynn’s) contribution.

 An Unravelling Thread

Maria J Leel

Like most writers I keep a scribble book. Not a diary or journal as such although some entries do read very much that way. I use it as a place to download, to keep thoughts and experiences… like the sadly sodden, rotting hare corpse I nearly stepped on whilst hiking the other day – never know when that memory is going to come in useful… It’s also the place where story ideas are recorded and where I loosen up and practice writing exercises. Anyone who didn’t know what writers were like and what writers do would find my notebook a very strange place indeed and would, in all probability, question my grip on reality.

Sometimes the scribble book is the place where a story suddenly and surprising takes off and pages and pages of ideas, dialogue and description ensue. Every page is numbered and referenced at the back. So if a project has languished for a while I can always go back and pick up the threads…

Which leads me to Threads – my contribution to the latest Wraeththu Mythos anthology Para Kindred. The story of Chenga, a harling who lives in a repressive regime in a secluded territory in the Far East. Chenga is unusual as he can hear the chatter of the fungi, the threads, which carpet the forest floor where he lives. He does not understand them but through his human teacher, Master Deshi-Tu, Chenga learns to decipher the threads’ meaning and eventually is able to make use of them to escape the cruel situation he finds himself in.

At something over fifteen thousand words Threads is on the hefty side for a short story and even though there is an ending, an escape, there is no resolution. Many threads are left hanging. And so in February (24th to be precise) my scribble book holds an entry exploring some of those ‘what next’ questions.

Chenga escapes by faking his own death. Would that be believed? Like most abusers, Zu-Lee, Chenga’s oppressive consort, viewing Chenga as his ‘property’, would be unlikely to let go that easily. The continuing story begs for a confrontation.

Chenga planned to spend several years travelling the threads with Master Deshi – what does he learn in that time? Despite his travels Chenga will, inevitably, be drawn to contact his sons, both of whom have made their own escapes to Immanion. How might that reunion proceed? Would Xan and Nisha have seen through Chenga’s ruse or would they believe him dead? Would they welcome him back or be angry with him? And would rumour of this family reunion alert Zu-Lee that his lost consort had resurfaced? How had Xan and Nisha made lives for themselves in Immanion and would Chenga find a place there? Then what of Dolah? The servant who kept Chenga sane and safe during his years in Zu-Lee’s palace? Dolah was planning his own escape to his brother over the mountain. Did that go well or badly and does Dolah still have a part in the continuing story? And then there is Mildor, one of Chenga’s fellow consorts, a pale-skinned Freyhellen who dreams of the dark pine-scented forests of his own homeland. Slowly awakened to rebellion, Mildor facilitates Chenga’s escape by keeping quiet but, never particularly stable, would Chenga’s apparent death have completely unsettled Mildor or can he find his own route to freedom?

Finally there is Zu-Lee. After all his abuses and cruelties would some kind or reconciliation ever be possible? Could Zu-Lee have some kind of epiphany and wake up to what he was? Oh I do hope not… The pages of my scribble book contain a deliciously nasty death scene for him… at the hands of Chenga and the threads. So what could have prompted this? And how will Chenga live with the consequences afterwards?

Stories never end… they just take the occasional breather.


Maria’s question: Where was Chenga’s servant Dolah planning to escape to?

Earl’s question: Who do the spirit wolves watch over, according to legend?

Link to Mon 16th June post by E. S. Wynn

Link to Wed 18th June Post by Storm Constantine



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