What Being a Non-Fiction Immanion Press Author Means


I want to talk about what it means to be a Immanion Press author, at least as it applies to the Non-Fiction authors. As the managing non-fiction editor one of my roles involves acquisition, but I’m selective about what I’ll publish. Not just any book can be an Immanion Press book and not just any author can be an Immanion Press author. For example if you’ve written a 101 book, it won’t be an Immanion Press book, because we don’t publish those books. What we’re looking for in our books and our authors is something distinct and different, something which doesn’t buy into writing another book on the same material that’s already out there.

We’re looking for someone who has something to say that’s different, that’s controversial, that shares some insights and practices you won’t find elsewhere. We’re looking for someone who knows they have a market and an audience and doesn’t want the voice of their material changed just to reach that market. Being an author at Immanion Press is knowing you can be proud of your work because it represents exactly what you want to say and whatever way it has been edited, its been done to enhance the work.

I like books that present an alternative perspective and make me think. The way I think about the books that we publish is that there the books I’ve wanted to find and haven’t been able to discover because no other publisher wanted to publish those books. The other publishers didn’t publish them because they didn’t see a market there, didn’t think that the books would sell. But the book can sell. The author can have a voice that appeals to an audience, provided s/he is willing to write the book.

Writing the book isn’t enough though. An Immanion Press author recognizes that what a book really represents is his/her expertise. The book is the manifest form of that expertise, but the author also needs to be active in his/her community and involved on social media. But don’t think of marketing as something dreadful. Marketing is a chance to share your ideas, to talk with people and share what’s important to you. And that’s part of being an author. You share what you know and help other people learn more.

Being an Immanion Press author is being true to your vision of your book and true to your expertise. It’s being true to what called you to write in the first place. We write the books that need to be written, that call to be written. We write the books that need to be expressed because we know there’s an audience waiting for those books. That’s why we write and that’s we publish with Immanion Press, because we know what Immanion Press offers the author is the respect for the voice and the vision…to publish the book you envisioned when you heeded the call and started writing.


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