The Core Values and Ideology of Immanion Press

Our first responsibility is to our readers, to provide books that educate and entertain, and meet the needs they have and want fulfilled by quality fiction and non-fiction. We hold ourselves to a high standard of excellence in publishing books that our readers want, with the appropriate citations when needed, and with editing and layout done professionally to produce a book that is readable and memorable to the reader. What we offer must be of the highest quality, offered at a reasonable price that allows our readers to get what they want from the book, and in the process feel that they are valued and respected as members of our audience.

Our second responsibility is to the communities we are apart of. We must actively contribute to the welfare and success of the community in a manner that demonstrates respect for the communities we are a part of while also showing the world wide community that we are citizens who want to contribute to the world.

Our third responsibility is to our authors and artists, to respect their voice, their artistic vision and enable them to produce work they can be proud of. We serve our authors and artists, by not only helping them become better at what they do, but also become better at presenting themselves to their communities. We want the creative people who come to us to feel taken care of and valued and respected for the work they do, and confident that they will be treated with the highest level of respect while their work is with us. We also want them to make a reasonable profit on their creative work that can be used to help them take care of what is most important to them.

Our fourth and final responsibility is to ourselves, to make a reasonable profit in publishing books, while also staying true to our values and to the services we provide the communities we are a part of. Our profit should never come before the service we provide our readers, community, or authors, but rather should come about as a natural result of showing that we genuinely care about the welfare of our readers, community, and creative authors and artists.


2 thoughts on “The Core Values and Ideology of Immanion Press

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