The Flowering Rod by Kenny Klein is being pulled from our line-up

The Flowering Rod by Pagan Author and Musician Kenny Klein is being pulled from our line of Esoteric Non-Fiction books as a response to the recent news that Kenny Klein has been charged of downloading and sharing child pornography. Mr. Klein has admitted his guilt in this matter, and we do not feel that we can, in good conscience, continue to publish his book. We are removing the book from our line-up effective immediately. At Immanion Press we do not believe in knowingly supporting acts of behavior that violate the Pagan community or how it is represented to the world by our authors. We are committed to publishing books that help the communities we are a part of, but we also believe that any author is a role model and should behave accordingly. We offer our condolences to people who have been effected negatively by this situation or any other actions Mr. Klein has done.


11 thoughts on “The Flowering Rod by Kenny Klein is being pulled from our line-up

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  3. I just wanted to add that I cannot thank Imanion/Megalithica enough for taking a stand and doing this. Considering the inability of some pagans to realise that this is about a man who confessed to over two dozen counts of possession and distribution of child pornography (before we even consider the allegations of domestic and sexual abuse from his ex-wife and estranged children, much less others), you made a far braver decision than it really should have been.

    May your gods and others see this and find you in Their favour.

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  6. I was browsing the Magic category on Smashwords today and was quite surprised to see the Flowering Rod come up. Were you unaware it’s still available in ebook?

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