When Gods Come Knocking now Available


When Gods Come Knocking: A Continuing Exploration of Relationship with the Divine opens up the possibilities of what it means to be called by the Divine.  Filled with personal stories and examples, this book reveals to us we are not alone in our spiritual walk.  Crystal Blanton writes in her introduction, “I found much of my personal story layered within the chapters of this book.”

Seeking inspiration and understanding of our own journey is often made easier when we relate to the stories of others. In her first book, Manifest Divinity, Lisa Spiral Besnett affirmed our human experience of the Divine.  Here she expands on that work, specifically addressing those instances when Deity asks for something back. 

Lisa Spiral also touches on the concept of mysticism.  She examines the relationship of the mystic to those whose direct service to the divine takes a more traditional path.  She discusses the differences cultural perspective can make on a relationship with Deity.  She also looks at spirit based activism, sacrifice and ancestor relationships.

When Gods Come Knocking is available on Amazon, Kindle, Barnes and Noble, independent book stores, and via Immanion Press.

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