Death’s Master is now available from Immanion Press



We are pleased to announce that the third book of Tanith Lee’s praised ‘Tales from the Flat Earth’ series, ‘Death’s Master’ is now available through Immanion Press on Amazon’s Kindle.

Death’s Master is the third book of the dazzling high fantasy series ‘Tales from the Flat Earth’. In the tradition of One Thousand and One nights, the book explores an ancient world in a series of connected tales.

Long time ago when the Earth was Flat, beautiful indifferent Gods lived in the airy Upperearth realm above, curious passionate demons lived in the exotic Underearth realm below, and mortals were relegated to exist in the middle. Chuz, Prince Madness, third of the Lords of Darkness – who is the incarnation of beauty on one side, and of foul corruption on the other – ‘takes pity’ on the world. In his gentle soft embrace mortal minds repose in a tide of illusion and twisted desire. Yet no one is immune from the sweetest madness of all, and even immortals fall at the cast of the bone dice…
Enter this vivid world of brilliant darkness and beauty, of shimmering palaces and extraordinary elegant beings, of merciless passions and undying love. Discover the exotic and wondrous landscapes of the Flat Earth.

January Promotions from Immanion Press


Will Fuller’s second novel, ‘Nightlight’, is now available on Kindle, through Amazon, for $5.00. A science fiction/paranormal urban fantasy, ‘Nightlight’ is a fascinating cross-genre mystery story.

‘Summer, in a future almost here. The long evenings carry the wail of sirens. Riots, vandalism, looting: the smell of burning, and the stench of fear. People wonder if they are staring into the abyss. The hologram Weland Smith has been waiting. His Morpheus Cave is the perfect solution: a virtual-reality environment where those bent upon tearing society apart will learn from their own mistakes. Too good to be true?

‘Neurobiology student Yolanda thinks so. But she has her own demons to fight; haunted by dreams of her twin brother who died eight years ago. Maybe that’s why she is alone in the park, trying to lose herself in her photography, waiting to capture the ancient mulberry tree against the sunrise.

‘Fellow-student Josh also has his problems; particularly around Yolanda. But when she disappears, Josh finds himself drawn into the search. Not just by his feelings for Yolanda, but by something else; something beyond his control… His journey to find Yolanda takes him far underground, into the heart of the Morpheus Cave. To discover the most shocking secret of all.

We have also put up some Kindle promotions for January, where a selection of titles are available from Jan 14 to Jan 21 for around $1.60 depending on the currency exchange rate. This is down from the usual price of $5.00.

The titles for this month are:

Storm Constantine, The Monstrous Regime
Storm Constantine, Aleph
Taylor Ellwood, A Magical Life
Sarai St. Julien, Dreamlines