New book release and several author updates


Jeromoe Birnbaum and Karen DePolito just published 13 Tools toward Enlightenment. A brief description is below:

During his time as founder and pastor of Temple of the Eternal Light, Jerome Birnbaum created a mail-order home study program called Thirteen Tools Toward Enlightenment. Now revised and edited into book format by Jerome’s surviving spouse, Karen DePolito, this program provides a thorough introduction to the practice of magick as a means to self-improvement.

Jerome’s work is rooted primarily in the Caballa, the ancient Hebrew mystical system on which much of our contemporary Western magick is based. Thirteen Tools guides the reader through the theory and history behind Caballa, including esoteric interpretation of traditional Judeo-Christian scripture. You will also learn techniques for concentration, meditation and visualization that are essential to successful magickal work.

Additionally, the book provides instruction in creating magickal space, finding the proper clothing and tools for your working, and rituals for purification and consecration. With its recreation as a book, Thirteen Tools Toward Enlightenment can now be studied and appreciated by readers everywhere.

Author Lisa Spiral Besnett recently had an article published on spiritual practice.

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