March Releases for Print and E-book


Immanion Press is publishing the following books in print and or Kindle this month:

The Book on Fire by Keith Miller is now available on Kindle and includes a bonus story not found on smashwords or the print version.

Crystal Blanton’s book Pain and Faith in a Wiccan World is now available on Kindle.

The Following books have been published this month

Storm Constantine has re-released the Sea Dragon’s Heir, the first book in the Magravanadias Trilogy

For generations, the Palindrake family of Caradore have been cut off from their spiritual source, Foy the Sea Dragon Queen, since their ancestor Valraven I and his family were conquered and subjugated by the Emperor Cassilin of Magrast, follower of Madragore, the pitiless god of fire. The Palindrakes’ connection to the powers of the sea was lost, remembered only in songs and legends, and the name of each male heir: Valraven. Now, most men of the Caradorean families are sent away to war, to fight for the current emperor, Leonid, who is known only as a family friend to the Palindrakes – their sorry history is mostly forgotten by those who now live in the pale castle beside the thrashing ocean.

But the sea dragons live on in the hearts of the Caradorean people, especially the women, and when Pharinet Palindrake’s twin brother Valraven is sent to Magrast to join the emperor’s army, events are set in motion that will revive magics long forgotten, as well as enmities, passions and fears.

Valentine Williams has released the Poison Garden of Dorelia Jones

The garden of Dorelia Jones flourishes with strange poisonous plants – but her mind is as full of poison as her garden. This venom permeates everything she does. About to be made homeless, and disinherited by her mother, Dorelia plots and schemes to ensure her own survival and comfort. A marriage of convenience turns out to be anything but for her unfortunate husband, who has to suffer being ostracised by his family and then haunted by Dorelia’s murdered mother. Even an exorcism fails to rid the house of the wickedness Dorelia has unleashed.

A Gothic fantasy, craftily plotted about parasitic relationships, mushrooms and the power of suggestion.

One thought on “March Releases for Print and E-book

  1. Tiny amendment. The Kindle version of The Book on Fire with the new story is found in the second edition print version of the book also. Apologies for confusion over that. *Storm Constantine*

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