An Interview with Anne Sudworth, Cover Artist.

Found during a Google search session, this interview from Crescent Blue is one of the few I have found that interview someone other than the author. Cover Artists are as much a part of publishing as authors, editors and publishers. They help ‘sell’ our work as it is their images that lend a reader visual clues as to what kind of story is contained within!

Excerpt: The words “fantasy art” usually conjure images of battling barbarians, monstrous apparitions and decadent sorceresses enveloping both covers of a paperback book. You think in terms of “illustrations,” not “paintings,” and small canvases designed for reproduction and occasional display on the pegboard aisles of a science fiction convention art show.

English artist Anne Sudworth defies these cliches on several levels. With very few exceptions, her voluptuous renderings of magical landscapes and legendary creatures tell no one’s stories but her own. As at home in the reverent hush of an art gallery as in a cavernous convention art show, Sudworth’s paintings use “Earth Light” to invoke the concentrated life force of the planet and strengthen the links between ancient myths and modern enchantments.

The interview appeared in: Volume 3, Issue 4.1© 1998, 1999, 2000 by Crescent Blues, Inc. 

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