A List of Past/Current Reviews (Fiction)

Spending the last few weeks collecting up some reviews, we are now posting a list of all reviews ever done on books by Immanion Press and Megalitica Books! As well as links to the sites where our reviews are most likely to appear. Please note that the opinions expressed here are the opinions of the reviewers.

**PLEASE NOTE: This list is constantly under construction!! We are still in the process of collecting reviews and will be adding to this list as reviews come in.*


A History of Storm Constantine books including some reviews and raitings

  1. Angelglass by David Barnett
  2. Burying The Shadow by Storm Constantine
  3. Curse Of The Coral Bride by Brian Stableford
  4. Crack of Doom by Liza Granville
  5. Dunraven Road by Caroline Barnard Smith
  6. Eternal Vigilance III: Bound in Blood by Gabrielle S. Faust
  7. Greyglass by Tanith Lee
  8. Hermetech by Storm Constantine
  9.  Jerry Cornell’s Comic Capers by Michael Moorcock
  10. Killing Violets by Tanith Lee
  11. Mythangelus: A Collection of Stories by Storm Constantine
  12. Mythanima by Storm Constantine
  13. Mythophidia: A Collection of Stories by Storm Constantine
  14. Owl Stretching by K.A.Laity
  15. Paradoxine-The Adventures of James Vagabond by Roberto Quaglia
  16. Paragenesis by Storm Constantine 
  17. Past Tense by Nick Marsh
  18. Sheena And Other Gothic Tales by Brian Stableford
  19. Soul Purpose by Nick Marsh
  20. Queenmagic, Kingmagic by Ian Watson
  21. The Book on Fire by Keith Miller
  22. The Crown of Silence by Storm Constantine
    1. Review by SF Crowsnest
    2. Review by Strange Horizons
  23. The Hienama: A Story Of The Sulh by Storm Constantine
  24. The Magravandias Trilogy by Storm Costantine
    1. Book One: Sea Dragon Heir (2000) by Storm Constantine:
      1. Reviewed by eRIK
    2. Book Two: The Crown of Silence (2001) by Storm Constantine
      1. Reviewed by Kabada
      2. Reviewed by eRIK
    3. Book Three: The Way of Light (2002) by Storm Constantine
      1. Reviewed by eRIK
      2. Reviewed by Kabada
  25. The Monstrous Regiment by Storm Constantine
  26. The Shades Of Time And Memory (The Wraethu Histories Book Two) by Storm Constantine
  27. The Thorn Boy & Other Dreams of Dark Desire by Storm Constantine
  28. To Indigo by Tanith Lee
  29. The Wraiths of Will and Pleasure by Storm Constantine
    1. Review by Dark Echo Horror
    2. Review by SF Crowsnest
  30. The Wraeththu Omnibus by Storm Constantine
  31. Tourniquet by Kim Lakin-Smith
  32. Wraeththu by Storm Constantine
    1. Chicago Center for Literature and Photography
    2. Goodreads
    3. SFFWorld.com
    4. The Zone (review of The Picture Book)
  33. When A Tree Falls by Nick Farrell

Thanks To:

  1. Chicago Center for Literature and Photography
  2. Dark Echo
  3. Fantasy Literature
  4. GLBT Fantasy Fiction Resources
  5. SF Crowsnest
  6. SFSite
  7. SF Mistressworks
  8. Strange Horizons
  9. The British Fantasy Society
  10. The Turned Brain
  11. www.laurahird.com

Hopefully we did not miss anything 🙂

If you find a review of our books that is not here, feel free to send it off to us via the comments section or to publicity @ immanion-press.com (no spaces) and we can post them up!


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