Press Clippings

In the course of finding a bunch of reviews, I came across these little mentions of our publishing house and thought I would post them here.

From SF Crowsnest

  1. A Storm in Stafford by Jessica Martin
  2. BBC7 does Blood Lines by Jessica Martin
  3. Constantine and Moorcock Play Tag Team by Jessica Martin
  4. Shaun Jeffrey gets Evil(ution) by Donna Jones
  5. A nod to Immanion Press appears in “Haadro” Prime Contact by Joules Taylor” by Pauline Morgan
  6. The Games Constantine Plays by Jessica Martin
  7. One for Storm Constantine by Jessica Martin
  8. Interview with Storm Constantine Emerald City Issue #113 produced by Cheryl Morgan

From The Web

  1. A list of interviews with Storm Constantine by Wendy Darling
  2. Another Week with Storm Constantine
  3. Conjuring Omens in Autumn Twilight: An Interview with Storm Constantine by Dragon Page Cover to Cover
  4. Games Xtreme: Immanion Press meets World of Warcraft
  5. Gathering Clouds: Interview with Storm Constantine Interview by David Kendall (1995)
  6. On Being Human: Wraeththu by Storm Constantine (includes review)
  7. Priestess Interviews: Interview with Storm Constantine
  8. Really Cool!! Videos from Newcon4 2008 in which there was a panel discussion with Storm and other authors 🙂 Thanks to Ian Watson
  9. Silverheart by Michael Moorcock and Storm Constantine
  10. Storm Constantine: Bewitchments and Fulfilments
  11. Interview with Storm Constantine (2001)
  12. Inception Magazine by Wendy Darling (a lot of news and other items related to Storm Constantine)
  13. Interview with Ian Watson with Stefanie Mueller
  14. Interview with Storm Constantine by Andrew Darlington
  15. Interview with Storm Constantine by Carl McCoy (Siren Magazine)
  16. Interview with Storm Constantine with Out of the Box Fiction Nephylim (blog contains adult content)
  17. Interview by with Storm Constantine with Jenny at Esoteric Online Radio (YouTube Part 1) (YouTube Part 2)
  18. Interview with Storm Constantine from Szene

Find a piece of news related to Immanion Press or Megalithica Books? Feel free to pass it along in our comments section or to publicity@immanion-press .com (no spaces)


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