Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot, Over? by Collen A’Miketh

Review by Mike Gleason

Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot, Over?  by  Collen A’Miketh   © 2009

Are you under the impression that magick must be a serious business?  Are you sure?  You may have doubts by the time you finish this book.

You deserve fair warning.  This is not a “Magick 101” book.  The author assumes at least several years of experience and at least a moderate competence in magickal work and philosophy.  He also assumes that you have the determination to follow through without someone to baby-sit you.

Like many of the titles from this publisher, this one comes at seemingly ordinary topics (okay, I’ll concede non-ordinary) from extraordinary perspectives. The author presents his perceptions with humor and real world observations.  Will you agree with his perceptions?  Possibly…especially if you have been working magick as opposed to only theorizing about it.  Theories are nice, experience is invaluable.

Even if you don’t agree with Mr. A’Maketh (especially if you don’t agree with him), you might find unexpected insights and useful ideas.  For those critics who say that you must show results in the real world, Mr. A’Maketh counters that living successfully (however you define that) in the real world is all the proof needed.  If you want garish special effects, talk to the folks at Industrial Light and Magic. ®

The basic premise of this work is that one needs to balance magickal workings with real world work.  Mr. A’Maketh offers ideas which have worked for him and which may work for you.  He encourages the reader to concentrate on working magick every day and everywhere.

An advantage to this work is that it is both easy to understand and fun to read.  Although the ideas are obviously serious, their presentation is light-hearted.  This is an enjoyable change from the usual magickal book which can be tedious and overwhelming.  In fact, the light-heartedness makes it more likely that you will refer back to it periodically.

Obviously, I won’t recommend it for beginners, but for those with experience (even those with LOTS of experience) it is a refreshing approach and an enjoyable look at a different way of approaching the magickal life.



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