Graeco-Egyptian Magick: Everyday Empowerment by Tony Mierzwicki

Review by Mike Gleason 

Graeco-Egyptian Magick: Everyday Empowerment  by  Tony Mierzwicki © 2006  

Are you as frustrated as I am by all the “101” books available in the magickal field?  Do you want something with a bit more meat to it?  Well, this book is a good place to start.  True, it contains a great deal of “101” material, but it includes translations of the original sources, not just the tabulated results (although they are provided as well).

Assumptions ARE made about the level of commitment on the part of the magickian, as well as about the degree of comfort and expertise brought to the study of the material.

For those out there who are more interested in reading about rituals than actually doing them (you know who you are), this book will be interesting.  For those already familiar with Classical Greek writings, it may be redundant.  For those interested in working with pre-Medieval magickal systems, it is invaluable.

The first 82 pages provide a fairly comprehensive background on the deities and sources of the information, as well as explaining some individual modifications made by the author.  None of these modifications, by the way, are at all radical, and all are explained clearly

Each of the planetary rites consists of invocations, including the use of “words of power”, none of which would be particularly useful without the inclusion of Appendix 2:  Pronunciation, which helps the would-be Graeco-Egyptian magickian make sure that they are calling the appropriate entity.

Many modern day magicians might be uncomfortable working without the perceived protection of a magick circle.  However, since the magickians of the period lasting through the first five centuries of the Common Era did not use a circle, it would seem that the best way to duplicate their experience would be to duplicate their methods to the best of our ability.

Granted that the author allows his personal perceptions and biases to affect the invocations he uses (modifying the originals in order to achieve specific results), he is honest enough to explain what he has done, and more importantly – why he has done so.

Although I am not a Ceremonialist, by any stretch of the imagination, I found it easy to understand Mr. Mierzwicki’s directions.  I must admit that I found a few areas where he and I disagree in regards to the myths and their interpretations, and a few other items, but I kind of expected that going in.  I knew that my background in Graeco-Egyptian culture was weak, and so I was willing to accept the fact that I would find things to challenge my perceptions.

Although I am not sure how valuable this book will be for my own personal development, I am able to see its overall value and usefulness.  If “high” magick is your forte, this book definitely belongs in your library.  It is not intended to be a “quick fix”, as the rituals need time to work on many levels and cannot be rushed, but working within this system will definitely yield benefits.


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