Non Fiction: Embracing Heathenry by Larisa Hunter (November 2012)

Embracing Heathenry

Larisa Hunter

November 2012

Price: tbc

Pages: tbc

Catalogue Number: MB0158

ISBN: 978-1-905713-81-3

Editor: Jaymi Elford (and others?)

Copy Editor: Megan Besner

Cover Artist: Storm Constantine

Interior Layout: Taylor Ellwood

Book Cover Text:

“For me, ‘living heathen’ is not just a buzz phrase: it is me. I embrace what I am; I feel heathenry in my bones. It is my core, my soul; it is an extension of me. I am a living, out of the closet, heathen. I do not hide myself from the community”.

Larisa Hunter

Heathen is an umbrella term for a person who follows the belief system associated with Northern Europe, the gods and goddesses of which include Odin, Thor, Freyja and Frigga. Heathenry has many subtle permutations and can mean different things to those who regard themselves as heathen.

Embracing Heathenry explores how one defines heathenry and how one becomes heathen. The book details the personal account of the author’s journey, along with an exploration of the various roads one wanders in the discovery of one’s faith. The book explores how heathens feel about various paths, including articles and poems that reach to the core of what heathens believe. Embracing Heathenry will provide the reader with an unprecedented look at heathen concepts as well as the love, passion and faith that is rarely seen by the public.





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