Non Fiction: Manifest Divinity by Lisa Spiral Besnett (August 2012)

Manifest Divinity

Lisa Spiral Besnett

August 2012

Catalogue Number: MB157

ISBN: 978-1-905713-80-6

Price: £9.99; $18.99; $15.90 AusD; $15.90 CanD

116 Pages

Cover Artist: Storm Constantine/Danielle Lainton

Editor: Marianne Braendlein

Interior Layout: Taylor Ellwood

Many people in today’s world are searching for something to fill a spiritual need.  We are yearning for a more personal relationship with the Divine.  We long for the magic, the Awe of a fulfilling spiritual life.

Manifest Divinity is about welcoming the Divine into our lives.  Honoring the individual’s personal relationship with the Divine, we explore the many opportunities for Divine presence in our daily lives.  Not only is this book an overview of the different ways the Divine may manifest, but it is also a beginning tool to enhance the developing personal relationship between the reader and Divine.

Awe is heavily underrated, but it is a sign of Divine presence.  The author’s intention with this book is to open up the readers understanding of the wide variety of Divine presence while respecting their personal religious framework.  You might say she is on a mission to promote Awe-some-ness and bring enchantment back into our daily lives.


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