Fiction: Owl Stretching by K.A.Laity (Coming September 2012)

Owl Stretching

K A Laity

Genre: Science Fiction

Release Date: September 2012

264 pages

ISBN: 978-1-907737-44-2

Catalogue Number: IP0110

Price: £11.99, $20.99, E14.05, $19.00 (Aus and Can)

Editor: Sharon Sant

Cover Art: Ruby

Interior Layout: Storm Constantine

Book Details:

Accidental shaman Rothschild (“Ro”) Parker has a lot of problems on her hands.  Her best friend Simon just woke up from a ten year coma she may have caused, her spiritual guide is a 300 year old magpie, and the planet’s just been taken over by a group of aliens who hot-rod around eating anyone who stands still long enough to be a meal. Besides, she’s got a dead cat to bury.

In Owl Stretching, Ro has to juggle her guilt for Simon’s lost decade with her desire for spiritual and sexual exploration, a looming alien invasion and the growing suspicion that she’s about to re-enact the Descent of Inanna. Worse yet, her spiritual guide tells her she’s going to have to become a leader of the resistance. What resistance?! If guns and lasers prove useless against these invaders, what good will a steady drum beat do? All Ro really wants is a nice cup of tea. Combining mordant humour with mythic exploration, Owl Stretching shows that the inner worlds are every bit as mysterious—and dangerous—as the far reaches of the cosmos.

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