Lisa Besnett @Mankato Women and Spirituality Conference (Minnesota, USA)

Lisa Spiral Besnett author of Manifest Divinity  will be presenting at the University of Minnesota’s, Mankato Women and Spirituality Conference 

According to their website: “The Women and Spirituality Conference was born in 1981 and the purpose was to provide a supportive and nurturing setting for a dialogue of caring and mutual respect between and among women and men from many spiritual and religious traditions. The conference does not advocate or exclude any view and continues to foster an understanding and celebration of similarities and differences. May we continue to aid one another on our individual and communal spiritual journeys.”

Lisa will be presenting her workshop “Daily Practice Sucks”  on both the  13th & 14th of October

Workshop Details: Daily practice sucks, but it’s also very rewarding. Let’s discuss different kinds of daily spiritual practice and explore ways to make doing it easier. This is for people who are doing daily practice, struggling with daily practice, or are thinking about starting a daily spiritual practice.

To get more details about the conference visit: or download the full program here:


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