The Long and Winding Road by Larisa Hunter

You would think in this fast paced world that quicker book launches would be the more desirable thing. But in fact, spending longer in editing has way more benefits than one would think.

Not only can you ‘catch’ more mistakes but you can add to your book. As it can take a while to write a book (about 1-4 years or longer) you want to make sure that in the end it is the masterpiece that you envisioned!

Having the option with Immanion to have at least four rounds of reading by an editor allows you to make it perfect before the final look over’s by those eagle-eyed copy editors/proof readers. Even in the final stages of review there are chances to improve the work created by adding to it.

In fact, as much as I myself complain about reading through comments from my editor, I appreciate the fact that they are trying to push me to explain things. It’s like editors see what the general public would want in a book and can convey that to the author. Not that we are all out of touch but honestly it’s like having another set of thoughts that can provide needed insight!

Writing from a strictly heathen background which I do, it’s actually nice hearing comments from people outside my faith. I forget sometimes that I am not catering to just one group of people but a multitude of people who might want to know what I think! My editor helped me see how to present the information in a much clearer fashion.

Even as I approached the end of the editing process and entered Copy Editing, my copy editor was able to see more opportunities for improvement. The both made me think clearly about how to say what I think…which is often a bit hard for me to do!

The proved to be a great filter for me, a translator if you will between my mind and the page and helped me ensure that in the end this book would be what I wished it to be.

I think the long road from writing to editing to copy-edit is well worth it!! I would encourage all authors to take as much time as they can! It allows for a much clearer, polished and perfect book!


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