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Tanith Lee`s Ivoria



Nick Lewis certainly has no liking for his TV historian brother, Laurence. Aside from anything else Nick blames him for the death of their mother, the beautiful actress Claudia Martin. And so, is it possible the off-handedly childish trick played by Nick on Laurence really does cast some kind of curse?

Bizarre and unpleasant things begin to happen, without a doubt. And Nick himself is hardly immune. As the pattern of his secure yet eccentric life starts to come undone, he finds himself without remedies. Where has Laurence vanished to? What is the creepy Mr Pond’s part in it all? And who is the apparently sinister Kitty Price?

Can repressed hatred cause such disruption, danger, even death? Or has the object caused it, as Nick pretended it could: that little ivory counter from a stolen drawer…

This is probably not a supernatural story. It might be less unsettling if it was.


Now on Kindle

New Ebook titles up on Kindle.

In Fiction: Storm’s 4 collected stories anthologies: ‘Mythophidia’, ‘Mythangelus’, ‘Mytholumina’ and ‘Mythanimus’

As well as: ‘The Thorn Boy and other Dreams of Dark Desire and the Wraeththu Mythos short story collection, ‘Paragenesis: Stories of the Dawn of Wraeththu’ edited by Storm and Wendy Darling, and ‘What a Long Strange Trip It’s Been: Wilderness Tips for World of Warcraft’, edited by Storm.

In Non-Fiction: ‘Magick on the Edge’, edited by Taylor Ellwood

Megalithica Book Titles make Top 27 List

Non-Fiction Titles from Megalithica Books (an imprint of Immanion Press) were featured on The Huffington Posts 27 Essential Texts About Paganism For Your Bookshelf  voted on by the pagan/heathen community.

The winners are:

  • Shades of Faith, Minority Voices in Paganism by Crystal Blanton
  • Graeco-Egyptian Magick by Tony Mierzwicki

To read the full post or to contact the Huffington Post with more suggestion of essential pagan books, click here