Song of the Sulth by Maria J Leel

Song of the Sulh

A Wraeththu Mythos Novel

Maria J Leel

June 2012

Cover Art/Interior Illos: Danielle Lainton

Editor: Storm Constantine

Interior Layout: Storm Constantine

Maps: Gordon Leel & Maria J Leel

ISBN: 978-1-907737-07-7


Genre: Fantasy

316 pages

£12.99, $21.99, $20.55 Aus; $20.30 Can; E15.20

Cover Blurb

Humanity’s time on Earth is done and a new, androgynous species has risen to take its place. Deep in the mountains of the eastern coast of the New World lives Raven, a human boy, and the last remnants of his ancient tribe. His adopted father, Two Comet, persuades Raven that the only chance for the survival of his heritage lies in Raven joining humanity’s usurpers: Wraeththu. Reluctantly, Raven agrees, but in a final act of defiance conceives a child with his close friend, Pale Fawn.

Raven is incepted into a phyle of the Wraeththu tribe of Sulh, a band of travelling scholars who welcome the ancient wisdom he brings to them. When Raven’s human tribe inevitably succumbs to extinction, Raven and his chesnari, Fen, find a way to send Pale Fawn, and the child she carries, to safety far across the ocean to the east.

Raven accompanies Fen to his homeland, Alba Sulh, and meets his people, the Waterlanders, a tribe of both Wraeththu and human women. Here, there is a mystery concerning Fen’s vanished sister, Serena, and other women who disappear mysteriously into strange – and predatory – etheric rifts. Following an inner call, both Raven and Fen are driven to seek out the family members they have lost, and follow the Waterland mystery to its source across the eastern seas. What they find makes them realise their role in the new world order will be more crucial than they could have dreamed.

Song of the Sulh is a strong, character-driven story, and an innovative addition to the canon of the Wraeththu Mythos.


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