Resource for Canadian Authors: Open Book Ontario

Finding places for Canadian authors is a bit difficult to navigate. If you’re not published in Canada it seems harder to find places to promote oneself.

 According to Statistics Canada the book publishing industry constitutes about 62.5% of our economy.

However despite those figures there are not that many festivals for writers nor are there magazines specifically designed to promote authors in Canada. I found a few resources to help me but most of the resources here seem specifically reserved for those who get published here, which I am certain if you were not writing books about unusual topics would be slightly less difficult to find a place to be featured. I stumbled upon a page called Open Book Ontario. According to the Open Book Ontario website: “Fresh & Local. Open Book: Ontario celebrates Ontario’s vibrant literary scene. Open Book is committed to showcasing the outstanding range and quality of contemporary Canadian writing in Ontario, and through our features and profiles, we invite you to get to know the places and people connected to reading and writing in this province.”

I contacted them to inquire about festivals and or resources for Canadian authors to find myself instead being asked to participate in a special series called At The Desk in which authors share pictures and descriptions of their workspace. It was a very quirky column to participate in but it was fun to do something different. I encourage anyone in Canada to give them a quick email to see if they might be able to do the same.

Check out the At The Desk Series here

At first my contact was about literary festivals but then they asked if I would like to do an article for their At The Desk series. The series allows readers to see an authors workspace. It was a unique chance for me to do something Canadian and get featured in a very mainstream publication. If your Canadian, check it out it might be something that you can do as well.






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