Miscellarium (North Shore, Sunderland UK)

“Miscellarium is a truly unique event, in many ways the first of its kind in the United Kingdom. If we could use one word to describe our vision for Miscellarium, it would be “organic”, as we hope to encompass all that is weird and wonderful under one roof. To coin a phrase that is often bandied around Miscellarium HQ, we wish to represent an “alternative alternative” where people can come to ply their trade and enjoy themselves in a fun and relaxed environment.” http://www.miscellarium.co.uk/about.html

It could be an amazing networking opportunity as well as a cool event just to see what themes will be featured, who knows what inspiration you might find.

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Smashwords Victory!

Great news! The issue between Smashwords and PayPal that was threatening the income of indie authors everywhere has ended with a victory for Smashwords and independent authors everywhere. Mark Coker, Founder of Smashwords attributed the victory due to the public who helped get the word out quickly. Truly a testament to how much the world has changed when public opinion can be gathered so quickly and affect a corporations decisions because of this exposure. It’s great to hear that Smashwords will continue to be able to sell and support indie authors and publishing companies. It may indicate a change in how other companies and corporations handle and view the same type of books and perhaps censorship will one day be a thing of the past!

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Sign The Petition to Stop Censorship

The news of the censorship of Smashwords by PayPal is causing a lot of media frenzy lately and rightfully so!

Censorship is a dangerous slippery slope, it starts with just a few words and the next thing you know everything you read has the famous black strip through it, or what you get is not what was originally presented.

According to Good E Book there is an online petition started by authors that will be sent to PayPal. http://goodereader.com/blog/electronic-readers/authors-strike-back-against-paypals-censorship-of-smashwords/

Immanion Press has a number of titles with Smashwords as to many indie authors. To lend your support there is an ongoing petition at Change.org.

To support authors and companies like ours, please head over to visit Change.org and sign the petition:


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