How To: Manage Multiple Writting Projects by Taylor Ellwood

If you look at the picture above, you’ll see my whiteboard, which I use to keep track of client projects, as well as projects for my businesses, and Immanion Press. Some of those projects include writing projects. Right now I have Five major writing projects I’m working on, as well as completing a small writing project today (writing the second of two blog posts for this blog). Keeping track of these projects and managing them is a lot of work.

Most writers I know are usually working on multiple writing projects. They’re writing blog entries, they’re working on a book (or two), and they might be writing an article for a magazine as well. On top of that, they’re also (ideally) marketing themselves. So how do you manage your writing projects in the midst of all that?

I use my white board to keep track of all my projects. If I see a project on my white board, I know I need to spend time on it. I also break projects into chunks. So for example, I’m just starting to write a book on wealth magic and instead of putting “Write Wealth Magic book”, I’ve put “Write chapter 1 of Wealth Magic book”. Chunking it down, makes it much easier to track what I’m doing. More importantly, I feel really good when I finish a task. If I see the first message day after day, I’m going to actually feel discouraged, whereas if I see write chapter one and I do it, I’m going to feel a sense of accomplishment.

The other way that I manage my writing projects is deciding on what has high priority. For example, one of my writing projects is actually doing layout on one of my author’s books. It has high priority, because I need to get it started soon. I have other writing projects, I also need to work on, but they aren’t as high priority because the deadlines for them aren’t due anytime soon. So its best for me to work on the highest priority item, i.e, the book that needs layout, since that has a deadline in the near future.

However, I also work on long projects gradually. In other words, in the case of the layout, I’ll commit a half hour of each day to doing it. Doing this consistently will ensure that the project is done in a timely manner, but will also help me stay sharp when I’m working on it.

What are some tips you have for managing your writing projects?


3 thoughts on “How To: Manage Multiple Writting Projects by Taylor Ellwood

  1. I do this same thing. I am a compulsive list maker but it does keep all my thoughts organized. Plus I find if I schedule something to do on one day or have prioritize it on a list then I am able to let go of it and give what I am working on my full attention.

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