Tanith Lee Comes to Immanion Press!

“If Shakespeare was Christopher Fry in his last life in this one she’s Tanith Lee. Most of her books seem to be about nothing. They go down as easy as ice cream but then you find yourself thinking about them months or years later.”Allie, 2002 (http://alllie.com/tanith.shtml)

Winner of the British Fantasy Award (1980) and the World Fantasy Award (1983-84) Tanith Lee was one of the first women to win the Brititsh Fantasy award for best novel.

Her carreer in literary fiction began in children’s books with The Dragon’s Hoard. She then went on to publish The Birthgrave in adult fiction. Tanith Lee writes in a vast array of genres including: adult fantasy, children’s fantasy, science fiction, horror, Gothic horror, Gothic romance, and historical novels thus creating a diverse litterary carreer.

Known for her use of poetic prose, stiking imagery and non comformist interpretations of existing folklore and fantasy, Tanith Lee breaks boundaries in books exploring themes of feminism and sexuality. Having over 90 books and approximatly 300 short stories under her belt, Tanith Lee certainly has an extensive history of published work!

She has also had 4 radio plays broadcast by the BBC, wrote two episodes for Tv Series Blake’s 7 and also gets regularly featured on Radio 7!

Immanion Press is proud to have Tanith Lee as one of our authors! Currently she has published three books with us:

L’Amber, To Indigo and Greyglass. Tanith Lee is an amazing author who is certainly not finished in creating more unique and creative fictional books!

In fact, Immanion Press is looking forward to publishing all of Tanith Lee’s books from her series “The Colouring Books”. We are looking forward to: Killing Violets (Gods Dogs), Ivoria, Cruel Pink, Winter Green and Brown as Purple!

We expect Killing Viloets around March 2012 to be followed by Ivoria and Cruel Pink. News about each release will be made available as soon as possible, so stay tuned!

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