Short Stories by Will Fuller

Will has moulted through various life-stages trying to find out what he’s supposed to be, but always seems to end up looking for a quiet corner where he can write. At different times he has been involved with scientific research, nature conservation, nutrition, alternative education and learning disability, and along the way has managed to acquire a wife and assorted stepchildren. Like everybody else, Will started writing when he was old enough to pick up a pen, and has carried on ever since. He writes in the hope that most adults are a bit like him – children who were told it was time that they grew up; and having neither the skill to prise open the adult mind nor the desire to take a sledge-hammer to it, is really writing for the “lost child within”. Will lives near Brighton, and when he’s not working spends far too much time sitting in a shed in the back garden with a word-processor.

Author of: Dreamlife Dreamdeath


Fuller, W-NUM


Fuller, W-UM

Fuller, W-BUM


Fuller, W-DEAD UM

Fuller, W-DUM

Fuller, W-MORE UM

Fuller, W-MUM

Fuller, W-NUM

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