Drumming as a Survival Tool By Russell Buddy Helm


We are rhythmic animals. We are very suggestible to rhythm and it can change our belief system. There are basic patterns of rhythm that all cultures use for ceremony and ritual and dance and celebration. Acutally two basic rhythm patterns: a four beat and a three beat. The three beat was used by every culture to get over the hard times. It is a manifesting energy that has changed people’s lives. I have witnessed this often in my over fifty years of drumming experience. The three beat evolved into the “Blues” and has created rock n roll. The beat itself changes the chemistry in the brain. If we combine drumming with affirmations our belief system changes.

“Drumming the Spirit to Life”  discusses how rhythm can help us to survive and thrive using the basic elements of rhythmic healing.This is also great for improvising and playing for the dance.

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