Calling All World of Warcraft Fans!! Call for Submissions

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 Long Strange Trip – The Return

Further Stories and Articles from Azeroth

Call for Submissions

 Following on from What a Long Strange Trip It’s Been, a collection of articles and stories exploring players’ experiences of and thoughts on World of Warcraft, we are now in the process of compiling a new collection.

 We are calling for submissions to this anthology, of articles and stories between 3,000 and 10,000 words. What we’re looking for are articles about your experience of WoW or stories inspired by it. We want to have an even mix of fiction and non-fiction as before. But fiction pieces should be of a high standard, and probably best not to involve major canon characters too greatly, since this might step on the toes of the official novels.

 As for the articles, anything goes. In the first book we did include quite a few pieces introducing the game to people who might not be familiar with it. For the second book we can spread our wings a bit. The idea is to write about what you find interesting or love about WoW – and what frustrates you with it! It can be anything, from anecdotes about PvP or raiding, pieces talking about your characters, funny stories about guild adventures, your obsession with achievements or other parts of the game, or even an article on the joys of fishing! If you’ve got something you want to say, this is the opportunity.

 If English isn’t your first language and you’re worried about grammatical correctness and so on, the editors are more than happy to polish up your text. The ideas are the main thing.

 Please let us know if you are interested in contributing and provide a short synopsis of your idea, by mailing Storm Constantine at the above email address. The deadline for completed submissions is 30th September 2012.  Contributors are welcome to submit more than one.

 If you know of anyone who might like to contribute, please feel free to pass this along!


We appreciate your feedback! All comments are responded to as quickly as possible!

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