December Releases

December 2011 Releases: The Monstrous Regiment, What A Strange Trip Its Been & L’Amber. Full Details of each book available below

The Monstrous Regiment

By: Storm Constantine

December 2011

Cover Art:  Ruby

ISBN: 978-1-907737-27-5


Genre: Science Fiction

308 pages

£12.99 $21.99

Artemis, a world named for a huntress goddess, has been isolated from other human colonies for hundreds of years. Originally settled by a group of feminists and their male supporters, whose aim was to create an equal Utopian society, Artemis has drifted away from those ideals. A cruel matriarchy has risen to replace the oppressive patriarchy the original colonists sought to escape.

Corinna Trotgarden has grown up in Vangery, a ranch situated on the sprawling marshes, where life is still more like the original settlers’ dream. But Corinna is soon to be sent to the capital city of Silven Crescent, to the household of General Carmenya Oralien. Rumours persist on the marsh of political unrest in the city, and how some residents want to resist the draconian changes that its ruler, Yani Gisbandrun, wishes to force upon the people. Can it be possible these changes will eventually surge over the marsh-dwellers too, who would be unable to oppose the might of Gisbandrun’s militia?

A chance meeting with a fugitive from the city, the rebel Elvon L’Belder, draws Corinna into this unrest. From that moment, her move to Silven Crescent is destined to be something other than what her mother had planned for her. Change is coming, and whatever the outcome, it is sure to be devastating.

The world is mostly unexplored; there are stories too of mysteries upon the marsh and beyond, including sightings of strange beings. While Corinna faces the harsh realities of city life, and her connection with the dissidents, Elvon L’Belder and the people of Vangery attempt to secure assistance from an unimaginable source; the mythical original inhabitants of Artemis. Are these creatures simply a dream, or do they really exist? And even if they are found, will they be prepared to help the interlopers on their world before it is too late?

Originally published in 1989, this new edition of Storm Constantine’s sf novel has been re-edited for its Immanion Press release.

What a Long Strange Trip It’s Been

Edited by Storm Constantine

11th December 2011

First edition

£12.99 $21.99


ISBN: 978-1-907737-26-8

Genre: Online Role-playing games

408 pages

Editor and Interior Layout: Storm Constantine

Cover Art: BlackMysticA

 While other Massive Multi-Player Online Role-Playing Games might have come before it, World of Warcraft is acknowledged as the leader in the field, with a membership of over 10 million people. In its lush forests, soaring, dragon-haunted mountains and mystery-shrouded deserts, you will run into people from all walks of life – there is no particular kind of person who plays an MMO.

 But very little has been written about the phenomenon, aside from technical manuals on how to play the game, or academic studies. No book has explored what people find so enjoyable about WoW, or the adventures they’ve had in the virtual world of Azeroth, which is as deep in lore and back story as any fantasy trilogy.

 Fantasy writer Storm Constantine, who is a fan of MMOs and finds them intriguingly inspiring, felt it was time that players had their say.  Drawing upon the talents of other professional writers who play the game, as well as those of players who were simply eager to write about their passion, she has compiled the first anthology of articles and short stories about World of Warcraft.

 This book is not simply aimed at those who already play WoW, but anyone who is curious about the game. From articles with tips and advice, to humorous anecdotes of in-game adventures, and fictional pieces that have been inspired by the experience of Azeroth, ‘What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been’ opens the gates of the often mysterious world of MMOs and reveals some of the wonders beyond.

 Includes new stories from established fiction authors Storm Constantine, Justina Robson, Adrian Tchaikovsky and Sarah Cawkwell.

 Contributors: Storm Constantine, Justina Robson, Adrian Tchaikovsky, Sarah Cawkwell, Andy Lowe, Simon Beal, Christopher Coyle, Nick Healey, Jake Crooks, Rebecca Habberley, Merijn van Tooren, Carla Neubert Benoist, Elaine Robson

L’Amber Book Info


By: Tanith Lee

2nd edition Dec 14th 2011

£11.99 $20.99

ISBN: 978-1-907737-25-1

Cat No: IP0106

220 pages

Genre: Mystery

Editor and interior layout: Storm Constantine

Cover: John Kaiine

 Jay has very little – except a career of taking chances.

The beautiful artist Jilaine Best has everything – looks, talent and great wealth.

But it seems even Jilane’s perfect life is flawed. In adolescence there was the mysterious episode in France. Now, longing for the baby she is unable to conceive, Jilaine is willing to let another woman give birth for her.

And so Jay confesses she is already pregnant with an unwanted child.

Lies are so easy to tell, if you’ve had enough practice. Harder to change into truth. Luckily there is the handsome cab driver, more than willing to go to bed with Jay. And there is Jilaine’s sustaining money, not to mention the desirable, confiding, desperate Jilaine herself.

 Spin your web. Watch it tangle.  Now see what you’ve caught.


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