Links For Authors

This list is an accumulation of links for authors to use for promoting their work. IF you have a link you would like to share please email it to: publicity @ immanion-press dot com


Esoteric Online Radio

Directory of Occult podcasts

Directory of Pagan Podcasts

Magical Experiments podcast-owned and operated by Taylor Ellwood

Mona Magick Podcasts

Occult of Personality

Right where you are sitting now

Raven Radio (specifically heathen)

Ravencast (specifically Asatru)

Occult Sentinel


writting in journals is a great way to promote yourself, not only does it allow people get to know you, but also most journals and magazines will allow you and encourage links and promotion to books by the author and are often read by a large majority of people.

Abraxas Journal: Abraxas is a new independent journal of historical and contemporary occultism. Through its pages will be manifest the voices of working occult experience and the visions of esoteric artists, alongside keen insights of original scholarly research. Abraxas will offer the reader a rich resource of thought-provoking essays, vibrant art and poetic myth from some of the most inspirational thinkers, artists, writers, designers and practitioners working in the international occult community today. Here will be found perceptive articles, narratives of workings, mysterious photography, obscure magical text reprints, strange drawings and resonant lyric. Abraxas aims to be intellectually engaging, critically rigorous and visually inspiring. It will be a unique space where fresh insights emerge to feed the mind, imagination and soul.

Action, The Official AREN (Alternative Religious Networks) newsletter: Christopher Blackwell interviews all kinds of pagans and heathens from all walks of life. He does do book reviews as well.

Directory of Pagan E-Zines: a large list of known e-magazines for pagans

Eternal Haunted Summer: articles, reviews and more.

New Moon Rising: We continue to explore and request articles and artwork in such varied subjects as: magickal theory and practice, grimoires, world mystery traditions, pagan pantheons both western and eastern, book, media & product reviews, biographies, classical paganism, neo-paganism, ceremonial magick in all its aspects, chaos magic, druidry, shamanism, totems, folklore, voodoo, santeria, African Traditional Religions, alchemy, thelema, setianism, rituals, witchcraft, poetry, fiction and a variety of other mind-provoking and related subjects. We welcome material never before published as well as previously published material. We also welcome book extracts.

Hex Magazine: HEX is a bi-annual publication and an online community radicalising European traditions and giving voice to the modern Heathen household. We are here to explore and celebrate the European peoples’ ancestral traditions and beliefs. Hex strives to recall the evident truths of the seasonal cycles, the folk ways & rites of our cultural heritage, earth stewardship, self-sufficiency, and sustainable living. By making old world knowledge and wisdom available for use in our everyday lives, we aspire to bring continuity to the present and heart to future generations. HAIL!

Huginn: a journal of alternative heathen viewpoints contact Talas or Maris Pái. They accept articles, author interviews and may even review a book or two if asked.

Witches & Pagans: Witches & Pagans is a magazine for all people who share a deep love and commitment to the Earth and to the Pagan community. Witches & Pagans gladly accepts contributions of essays, factual articles, fiction, poetry, rituals, interviews, artwork, and photographs relevant to our subject matter and goals. (Separate guidelines are available upon request for poetry, reviews, interviews, and debate essays; and for those wishing to submit review copies.

More Links

A Big List of Pagan Magazines

A list of New Age Magazines


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