Book Promotion

You wrote a book! Awesome! You got it published, even more awesome! But, what now? The question that comes to every author is how to promote that book in an effective way. The fact is that not many publishers offer publicity any more, it is costly and often is not done for anyone who is ‘new’ to the world of writing, unless you are a known name the chances of free promotion is next to impossible and even then, an author still has to sell themselves. Continue reading “Book Promotion”

How To Write Back Covers

As an author the back cover was the most challenging, which is kind of ironic. You would think that writing an entire book would be more of a challenge, but no, the cover was what really stumped me.

However, the back cover can make or break a book. Many people who pick up a book in a shop, skim the back cover and basically decide IF they are even going to read the book! The cover blurb is important, because it is basically an ad to buy your book! You have to entice people, inspire them, convince them the book is worth reading, and do all of that in a few sentences.

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