New Release: Reiki Light: Reiki, Buddhism by Karl Henesson

In October 2011, Karl Henesson releases Reiki Light: Reiki, Buddhism and the Medicine Buddha which explores in depth not only a multitude of techniques for Reiki but also its history – and the truth behind the tales.

Author: Karl Henesson, Catalogue #:MB0133

ISBN:978-1-905713-33-2, 416 Pages

Cover: Danielle Lainton

Price: £13.99, $22.99

This book is a primer for spiritual seekers and an introduction for those interested in Reiki, Buddhism, the Medicine Buddha and energy healing techniques. No previous knowledge is required, as the book includes the Medicine Buddha Healing Hands Technique, which will allow you to use the methods in the book for your own and others’ benefit, whether you’ve had formal training before or not. The author also examines the history and development of Reiki in depth, penetrating the myths and fantasies that have grown up around it. He explores aspects of Buddhism, and in particular the Medicine Buddha, that are pertinent to any practitioner, whatever their spiritual path.

Filled with new, creative and interesting ways to work with healing energy, this book is an encyclopaedia of techniques. It covers diverse aspects and practices, including the use of mantras and meditation, and there is also a section for people with isabilities, giving a host of useful techniques for them to use healing energy effectively, whatever their physical limitations. The author has drawn upon his own experiences and experiments, as well as those of other practitioners, to create one of the most comprehensive collections of techniques ever produced.

This title is available for preorder and review. Please contact us should you wish to receive a review copy or to interview the author.

Author Info: Karl has been interested in the esoteric all his life. As a child this manifested as interest in ghosts, ufos and mysteries and he developed a love of reading and writing. A friend introduced him to spiritual healing and also medicine wheel group based on Native American tradition. From this grew the wish to learn healing.

The first year he channelled energy into his food and then moved onto animals and
eventually, at a local class, people. Karl loves running workshops and talks on his Reiki/urban subversive healing, plant communication, energy work, pusangas, runes and many others. He’s run many at camps by The Druid Network, Rainbow 2000 and The Mercian Gathering, as well as events by Northstar Crystals.

Living in Nottingham, in the Midlands of the UK, Karl is a vegan, has an involvement with local animal rights such as supporting Brinsley Animal Rescue and has been involved in re-enactment, particularly as ‘Little John’. He’s led seasonal public rituals at the Major Oak at Sherwood Forest. Although keenly interested in acting he’s already seen himself on the silver screen as fight-crew/extra in ‘The Bruce’ which he wishes led to more of the same.

Publisher Info: Megalithica Books is an imprint Immanion Press, an independent publisher specializing in edgy, experimental magical texts. All nonfiction titles are available on the Immanion Press website, (all sites) and select independent pagan and occult shops; distribution through Ingram, Baker and Taylor, and New Leaf. For more information please contact

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